Friday, April 10, 2009

UHU glue

I have to tell you that everytime I hear the words "UHU glue" I remember moving to Germany in 2nd grade (almost 28 years ago, yikes!).  I'd never seen UHU glue before then, and I'd certainly never seen a glue stick.  Liquid UHU glue was clear ... all I'd ever seen was white Elmer's style glue and the infamous glue paste we used with sticks. 

By the time I moved back to the US in 5th grade, I think glue sticks were starting to be sold.  If not immediately, very soon afterwards.  But UHU always makes me think of those first few weeks of living in Germany, new school, new school supplies, new culture ... bright yellow glue labels. 

Why am I talking about UHU glue, you're probably wondering?  I don't blame you.  UHU glue has a blog, and they give away glue every month to bloggers who will use it in a craft and then blog about it.  It's first come-first serve for a pre-set amount of glue each month. 

I just got signed up for the very first time.   They're sending me a UHU Twist and Glue to craft with.  It's as simple as sending them an email, so go check it out.  If you like to craft, or your children do, it will be fun!  I'll be posting whatever the children and I create with our UHU later this month.

Glue with UHU blog

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