Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our very first yard sale outing this year!!

We shopped several yard sales and thrift stores this weekend.  It was our first yard sale outing of the season!

I went Saturday morning with just Baby G.  I picked up a brand new $.50 knight costume in 8 yo J's size.  I put it away for him for Christmas.  Steve had previously bought one on clearance for 5 yo M.  So they'll both get knight costumes for Christmas.

I also bought a set of Kansas City Chiefs dinnerware for Baby G ... plate, bowl, silverware and cups for $1.50.

For myself, I found a pretty blue and white toile purse.  Steve says it looks like a diaper bag, because it's large, but I prefer to call it a purse.  $.75.  I'm enjoying it for now ... until the lack of organization inside drives me crazy.  (It looks like my favorite china.)

Then the rest of the family joined me for 2 more yard sales and three thrift stores. 

At a thrift store, we found a silver pair of heels for $3.99 that I'll need for my sister's wedding this summer.  The word is we need silver heels, and now I have my pair.  Better yet, they have a thick heel that I can actually balance on.

We bought a $1 square AirBake cookie sheet.  We have one like it, and we often use it for baking frozen pizzas. Now we have a second one.  

I also found a $1 pair of summer capris for myself ... and so many other little things we picked up for the family. 

But the best part of the day ... the best deal of all ... were these shoes.  I bought a pair of black dress shoes, loafers with a nice block heel.  The heel is 1.5 inches, maybe?  Perfect shoes for me since I can't balance on thin heels, and I need good arch support.  Flats just don't work for me anymore. 

Anyway, these black shoes were originally $40, sold to someone else for $29.95.  Sale stickers are still on them.  I don't think they were ever worn.  I bought them for $.50!!  Woohoo!  Or is Woot! the proper term now?

I love a bargain!!  Especially when it meets a need.  My current church shoes are starting to come apart at the sole on the toe.

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Trusting in Him,


  1. not sure if it's woot or what . . .but it's a great deal for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Eleanor Joyce

  2. That IS a great deal! Thanks for sharing.

    I think "snap!" is the new "cool" term. lol

  3. I am itching to get out and hit a yard sale. I just love not knowing which need we have will be filled. Your new shoes look great.



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