Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review-- Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century

Title:  Christianity In Crisis: The 21st Century
Author:  Hank Hanegraaff
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
Cover:  Hardcover
ISBN-13:  9780849900068
ISBN-10:  0849900069

Hank Hanegraaf has written a detailed, well-documented, and carefully researched book regarding the false teachings of the "Faith movement", or "Word of Faith movement".  I've heard of this movement, but since I have always had a general disdain for televangelists, I haven't ever sat under their teaching at all.  I was shocked to read some of the things they are saying, and dismayed that it is still seen as "Christian".

Not only are the teachings of the popular Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and T.D. Jakes (and many more) unbiblical ... but they are eerily similar to the teachings of the occult.  I can not believe that Christian stores are selling their books alongside renowned and reliable Christian authors. 

This book was very revealing to me.  I was surprised and alarmed by the truths that Hank Hanegraaf painstakingly shared.  I believe this book is a very important book in America today.  I know that the "Faith movement" has hurt many Christians, and it has misled countless others.   Hank Hanegraaf has boldly taken a stand against it, and is proclaiming the truth -- Biblical doctrine that refutes the Word Of Faith teachings.

I highly recommend this book!  It is a must-read for Christians everywhere.

Trusting in Him,

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