Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review: A Claim Of Her Own

Title:  A Claim Of Her Own
Author:  Stephanie Grace Whitson
Publisher:  Bethany House
Cover:  Paperback
ISBN-13:  978-0-7642-0512-5

Set in the gold mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota, A Claim of Her Own is the tale of Mattie O'Keefe's attempts to start a respectable life of her own.  Escaping from a controlling and cheating  saloon owner, Mattie sets out to find her brother and his claim in Deadwood. 

When Mattie arrives in Deadwood, it is only to find her brother dead, and the claim is hers, to sell or keep.  Despite the odds, Mattie chooses to stay and work the claim herself instead of selling it.  She set out to hide from her past, but instead she finds herself making friends and finding a family in the most unlikely of all places.  Her claim is paying well, and her new life is going well, until someone from her past rides into town.

While Mattie wrestles with learning how to pan for gold, she also must face her mistrust of religion and preachers.  The street preacher in Deadwood isn't like the preachers who stumbled into her saloon in the past, but she still doesn't trust him.  As she learns to trust Aron, she also begins to unravel her own doubts about God. 

A Claim Of Her Own is a captivating story, whose characters become real as the story unfolds.  I enjoyed the book, with its unique location and plot.  It was the first Christian fiction book I've ever read set in a mining town in the Old West.  Full of unexpected twists and a climactic ending, I highly recommend Stephanie Grace Whitson's A Claim Of Her Own

Trusting in Him,

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