Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Review -- Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy

Title:  Miserly Moms:  Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy
Author:  Jonni McCoy
Publisher:  Bethany House
Cover:  Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-7642-0641-2

About 10 years ago, I borrowed and read a copy of Miserly Moms by Jonni McCoy.   It was one of the first books on frugal living that I read.  I needed the encouragement at that time as we tried to stretch one income to provide for our young family, surrounded by double income families. 

10 years later, I still need that encouragement, and Miserly Moms still provides it.  Jonni McCoy has written an encouraging how-to book for living WELL on one income.  She wants to help families cut their expenses and find creative ways to save money, so that Mom can come home to be with her children. 

Jonni McCoy made that same decision and had to learn to be a careful spender and savvy shopper in order to be able to live on one income in one of the most expensive parts of the United States:  San Francisco, CA.  She discovered that when she added up all the hidden costs of working, she was actually spending money to go to work, rather than getting paid.  So, Jonni developed The Eleven Miserly Guidelines to help herself save money, and she shares them with us in Miserly Moms

Miserly Moms
is broken down into easy steps.  A large portion of the book is focused on one of the largest expenses for a family, and the easiest to take control of ... the grocery bill.  Jonni teaches you how to shop wisely, mistakes to avoid, and even includes frugal recipes for your family to enjoy.  As she teaches us how to save money, she cheers us on with examples of how she learned these lessons.

Many of the chapters include lists of additional resources (more books!) that can give further information on the topics discussed in the chapter.  The book also includes recipes for handy cleaners, ideas for holidays, gift-giving ideas, ways to dress well for less, and so much more. 

Miserly Moms:  Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy
is an excellent (and encouraging) resource for any Mom who needs to lower her family's expenses!  Whether their husband has taken a cut in pay, or whether they are longing to come home to be with their children ... Miserly Moms has something for everyone.

Even though I've read Miserly Moms before, I found it refreshing to be reminded WHY we make the frugal choices we make, and to be encouraged that it is possible to live well on less ... even in a tough economy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to look that up. I've seen the title before, but it never looked appealing by that.

  2. I will check it out! Amy Daczyszn (search "Tightwad Gazette") is really good, too,


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