Monday, May 25, 2009

Two great ways to save on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

The Old Schoolhouse is my favorite magazine!  It never fails to encourage me, and teach me new things.  It inspires me to try new methods of homeschooling, and to continue to homeschool even when it's difficult.  Because of TOS and some of my online homeschooling friends, I am confident that we can homeschool through highschool successfully.

When I read TOS, I am always blessed.  My daughters look forward to its arrival as much as I do.  TOS is a magazine for the whole family, and the heart of Paul and Gena Suarez (and all the other TOS employees) is to inspire and encourage homeschoolers everywhere.

If you'd like to subscribe to TOS, now is the time!

Until midnight on Tuesday, May 26th, you can subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine ™ for only $15. Plus, as a bonus, you can select 5 FREE WeE-books of  YOUR CHOICE!   TOS is taking $10 off for one-year print subscriptions! (U.S. only)
Here's what you need to do to get a 1 year subscription for just $15:

  1. Put our Pick 5 WeE-book™ product in your cart by clicking here.

  2. Place a one-year print subscription in your cart by clicking here.

  3. At checkout use coupon code FREEPICK5.

If you already have a TOS subscription and you need to renew ... this is also the time!!

There are 8 days left to RENEW your subscription to The Old Schoolhouse ™ Magazine and get 2 years for the price of  1!   For just $25 you'll receive 2 full years of TOS! But you must subscribe by June 2nd to get the summer issue!

To renew, go HERE and then use coupon code 2YRRENEWAL to renew for 2 years for the price of 1. You'll receive two years of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for just $25 - only $3.12 per issue.

Trusting in Him,

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