Thursday, May 28, 2009

We've got some sort of critter on the farm ...

Okay, we live on 7 acres, surrounded by the family farm.  At this point, the farm is shared-ownership by Steve and his family.    So, it's family land, but not really ours.  I've tried to tell Steve we don't live on a farm, because we don't own or work the farm ... it's rented out.  But he says we do ... and the 4H leader said we do ... so I guess we do.  Farm is easier to write than homestead.  And well, other than our chickens, and our new garden, we don't do a lot of homesteady stuff ... yet.  No goats, no sheep, no cows, no pigs, no bees ... just 1 guinea, some pullets not laying eggs yet, 1 dog, 2 garage cats that think they're porch cats, and our 3 indoor Persians.    But we aren't farmers, either ... because we aren't doing the farming ourselves.  Semantics. 

Um ... but back to the point.  Yesterday morning we woke up and found a dead chicken in the coop.  Ugh!  Some sort of critter got in the fence and got it.  We think.  Either that or it was guineacide if the guinea attacked it ... or maybe it was cannibalism by the carnivorous chickens.  Um ... but it was definitely dead.  Then the chickens pecked at it for the rest of the day.  I would have used a shovel to get it out ... but Steve wanted its carcass hauled far away and I wanted to let him do that, and wasn't sure what to do with the carcass in the meantime.  So ... I took the easy way out ... and left it for Steve to deal with.

And now we really really need to get the hen house fixed up for them, so they have more than a fence to keep them safe at night ... because I prefer to think a critter got them than that it was an inside job.  Although I also know that this is just part of having chickens.  No matter how safe you think your coop is ... sometimes something finds a way in.

Today I went out to check and all were alive and well ... but one was OUTSIDE the fence.  We really need to move them.  When the occasional guinea escaped last year, they could fly up and roost on top of the fence ... the chicken apparently couldn't.  I also need to figure out HOW the chicken got out. 

At least the ten in the basement are growing well ... safe and sound.

Trusting in Him,

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