Sunday, May 31, 2009

What does $22.90 buy?

Well, if you hit the right yard sale, it can buy:

  • 3 denim skirts for your daughters (in a bag with other items for $1 total)

  • 3 pair of like new blue jeans for your daughters ($5 for all 3)

  • 1 pair of twin size flannel sheets - $1

  • a box of Corelle dishes (4 dinner plates, 3 bowls, a couple salad plates) to add to your mismatched collection... and surprise the dinner plates have a single long-stemmed rose on them - $.25

  • 5 white milk glass vases for your collection and 2 clear vases to give flowers away in - $.45

  • a box of legos for your kids to enjoy, especially your 8 yo son - $5

  • baskets to make into gift baskets - free

  • Christmas ornaments - free

  • a large stack of books for the kids - um, they were buy one get one free and all $.10 or $.25 but I am not sure what it added up to

  • 2 curling irons that look like brushes because you know those never last long - $.50

  • 3 very nice necklaces for the girls - $.25 each

  • hair barrettes and clips for the girls, including some butterflies that move which might work for 3 yo L when she's a flower girl this summer - $1.50 total

  • leg warmers, mittens, knit hats, and gloves - $2.50

  • 4 pair of toe sock slippers for the girls, and they said they'd actually wear them - $1.00

  • 2 plants started in mugs which I'll need to transplant soon - free

  • more miscellaneous toys and stuff I can't really recall

THAT is what $22.90 at the right yard sale on its very last day can buy.

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Trusting in Him,


  1. Hi. I like your blog. I too have 7 kids and homeschool. I saw something where you described goiing to the library with your kids, and I laughed and's my family!!! We have 4 boys and 3 girls! I look forward to hearing more from you. I moved my homeschool blog over to blogspot. I have two blogs., and my wwwlivelearnorganize.blogspot,com. I hope to see you! Elizabeth

  2. GREAT shopping April! Wish I'd been with you! My yard-saling this w/e was a bit of a dud, but I did find a few things. Have a great week.

  3. Those ARE some bargains!

  4. What a blessing, indeed!!!



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