Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ElCloud Salon, Chickens, Reviews, and the 2009-2010 TOS Crew

This weekend, ElCloud Salon set up in my living room again.  The older two boys had their hair cut using the old clippers.  Then I cut 3 yo L's bangs, cut 9 yo C's hair up to her shoulders to the length her bangs had reached, and trimmed a tiny bit off of 13 yo A's hair.    We had cut bangs again for A  a week and a half ago, and she's liking them pushed to the side.  12 yo R considered a trim, but we decided if it was any shorter she couldn't put it into a pony tail, so we left it alone. 

Then Steve tried out our new Wahl hair clippers and received his much-needed hair cut.  Working with so many military men makes it rather obvious when he needs a fresh trim.  So, R, Baby G and I were the only ones not to take part in ElCloud Salon, although I had trimmed my bangs 1.5 weeks ago when I cut A's bangs.

Have I mentioned how much I really enjoy my chickens?  They make the softest sounds.  When they're calmly feeding, they cluck and chirp, and it sounds content ... like purring to me.  And I love how they rush to the fence when I arrive, because they know that *I* am the one that feeds them.  "Hey, chickie, chickie, chickies!" I call, and they come running.  Sometimes they run up before I even speak.    If I go in to fill their waterer, I sometimes squat down (you don't want to kneel, believe me) and they gather around for their turn at the waterer.  I can reach out and pet their backs, and they let me.  If I ever need to catch one, I know to do it right after I've filled the waterer and petted them for awhile.  Either that or while they're settling down for the night.  LOL!!

I received two new books for review in the mail today.  They're both Christian fiction (not historical), and I'll post their reviews later this summer.  I wasn't planning to take on more fiction right now, but when the email offer came in, I was intrigued by the story lines and couldn't say no.  Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser and How Sweet It Is by Alice J. Wisler -- both from Bethany House.

If you're on the new TOS Homeschool Crew (2009-2010 year) I'd love to know!  Leave a comment.  The First Mates will be assigned new Crew members to mentor throughout the year, and there is the possibility that we can request who we'd like to mentor.  So, if you're on the Crew, and you'd like me to be your mentor ... just say so!  Even if you don't want me to be your First Mate, I'd love to know who's on the new Crew.  

Today is cool and rainy, so I can use the stove and oven today without heating up the whole house.   Perfect timing since I need to bake Amish Frienship Bread today.  I'll probably bake C's birthday cake today, as well.  She'll be 10 tomorrow.  So I'd better get moving!

Trusting in Him,


  1. I still cut my daughter's hair (long and one length), but my son has moved from an easy crew cut to one of the longer styles and isn't too keen on me cutting it anymore. It was so much cheaper when he was younger and didn't know when I messed up! My son has now become higher maintenance than my daughter, who just sweeps it up in a ponytail and gets a trim every 6 months!



  2. And, my husband gave my eleven year old his haircut the other day as well.

    I have cut my husband's hair before, but not lately. We usually get our hair cut from a lady at our old church. She usually gives us a special rate, too, because we usually get at least 2 cuts at once. I get mine done every 3 or 4 months, and I trim my own bangs in the interim. My daughters get cuts every--um, maybe year?--long hair without bangs is easier to maintain, isn't it?

    Although, I really should take my 8 year old and 3 year old in. They found a pair of scissors a couple of months ago and played "beauty salon." When I put their hair up in pigtails, I have to part off to one side. When I put it up in a pony tail, at least a few hairs on one side have been coming loose--yes, for them both. We had been talking about donating to Locks of Love again, but I'm thinking at least some of their hair might need to be trimmed at the shoulder.


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