Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: God's Little Princess Devotional Bible

Title:  God's Little Princess Devotional Bible
Author:   Sheila Walsh
Illustrator:  Meredith Johnson
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
God's Little Princess Devotional Bible at Thomas Nelson

I am impressed with this little pink sparkly devotional Bible!  My 3 year old daughter loves Gigi: God's Little Princess DVDs and this Bible will delight her!    We already own the God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible and our 5 year old son enjoys it very much.  God's Little Princess Devotional Bible didn't disappoint us, either. 

Not only does this hardbound devotional Bible include stories from the Bible in the International Children's Bible translation, but it also has many other features. 

  • Down In My Heart promotes Scripture memory

  • Beauty Secrets teach our daughters about inner beauty

  • Bible Princesses shares about women of the Bible who made a difference by following God

  • My Hero shares Scripture promises from God to us

  • Take A Bow includes short plays that our daughters can act out as they retell Bible stories

  • I Adore You! gives ideas for helping our daughters learn to worship and praise the Lord

  • Princess Charming teaches manners and graciousness

  • Worthy of Love encourages our daughters to show love to others

  • Royal Truths focuses on character traits and values that God desires in us

As I read through this devotional Bible, I kept thinking that these were lessons all my daughters needed to hear.  We all need reminders to love God, love those around us, and that our value comes from God's love for us.  These are lessons I want my daughters to learn well before they leave our home.  Teaching it early is important.

Although God's Little Princess Devotional Bible is written for girls ages 4 through 7, I believe that it would encourage older girls (and even boys) as well.  It would make an excellent family devotional if you have daughters ranging from age 3 through 10.   Older sisters will absorb truth while helping their younger sisters learn about being God's Little Princess.  Perhaps you could alternate with the God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible, if you also have boys.

This devotional Bible has short lessons, colorful pictures, and a sparkly pink cover any girl would love!  Most importantly, it has solid teaching for our daughters on what it means to be a child of the King.  What better gift than one that teaches Biblical Truth, and sparkles while doing so?

Trusting in Him,

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