Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday: Clothes Pin Bags

I had a small clothes line in our old house; one of those trees you can fold up.  I also had one green clothespin bag.  You know, the ones you can buy in Walmart and lots of other stores. 

When we moved to the country, we suddenly had a LONG clothes line with 3 lines.  I needed more clothes pins, and another clothes pin bag.  We bought another green one.  Alas, it didn't last long.

The new one soon ripped out one of the grommets, so it dangled from one side of the metal hanger.  The old one soon ripped right down the side.  I put a plastic bag inside of it, but it was a nuisance to use.

I've been trying to think of how I could make a new clothes pin bag, especially a cute one!   My biggest issue was trying to figure out how to re-use the wire hangers from the other bags, or figure out a new way to hang a bag.  

I finally came up with a plan while helping my daughter sew a drawstring tote bag for 4-H this week. 

I used heavy fabric to sew two totes.  They have a large cuff at the top that a drawstring could go through.  I then put two heavy button holes in that cuff, just the right width apart for the metal hangers from the old green bags.  The button holes go through both layers of fabric.   I will run some clothesline through the top of the cuff, above the button holes, to help add strength and keep it from ripping through the fabric. 

Now I have two easily-hung, larger-than-before, and CUTE clothes pin bags!  They took me less than an hour to sew both, complete with kids hanging off me.

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  1. Those bags are really cute!

    I've not gotten my laundry line set up here yet, but I have the clothespin container from when we last had a line. It's certainly not as cute as yours!

    All it is is a milk jug with a hole cut through the side opposite the handle. Then I cut a notch through the handle, and that slides onto the line.

    My mother-in-law uses a bleach bottle which I am sure is stronger than the milk jug, but I never had issue with the milk jug! :)

    I think I want to find some fun fabric to wrap around the jug, though! LOL


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