Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WFMW: Natural tips during swimming season

We've got two swimming tips we've learned to use in our family. 

The first  tip is for the whole family.  Every time we swim, we come home and put ear drops in our ears to prevent swimmer's ear.  I mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.  Then using an old medicine dropper, I put about 5 drops in each ear, let sit for 15-20 seconds, and then drain out onto a paper towel.  It helps prevent water from being trapped in the ear, causing infections.  We line the entire family up-- Daddy, Mommy and baby included for their quick painless ear drops.

The second tip is for the girls with long hair in your family.  When my girls were taking swimming lessons, and at the pool more often, I would put Pure Shea Butter on their hair, and then braid it, to help prevent it from soaking in the strong chlorine while they swam.  When they came home, we'd just remove the braids and brush it out.  It did help protect their hair from chlorine, and tangles.

As the summer wore on and the ends would start to look dry, I'd use the shea butter to moisturize the ends of their hair, as well.  I bought our shea butter in the ethnic hair care section at Walmart.  It only takes a small amount (pea sized) warmed on your hand and applied to the ends.  (This also helps make neater braids without escaping ends.)

Just sharing two things that Work For Me.

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April E.

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  1. I would have never thought about using shea butter on hair before swimming, but I have two daughters with long dark blonde hair (the other has brown hair). I think I will try this out! I don't have any shea butter at the moment though, so will have to add that to my "natural" supplies to purchase list. Do you think coconut oil would substitute?


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