Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review: Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser

Title:  Words Unspoken
Author:  Elizabeth Musser
Publisher:  Bethany House
Format:  softcover
ISBN:  978-0-7642-0373-2

Publisher's Synopsis:  

Lissa Randall's future was bright with academic promise until the tragic accident that took her mother's life--and brought her own plans to a screeching halt. Eighteen months later, she still can't get back behind the wheel.

A casual recommendation to Ev MacAllister's driving school sets in motion a cascade of events... until Lissa begins to wonder if maybe, just maybe, life isn't as random as she has always thought.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Words Unspoken weaves together a vibrant cast of characters whose intertwining stories of courage, choice, heartbreak, and hope will hold readers captive until the final page.

My Review:

Elizabeth Musser's Words Unspoken is hard for me to categorize.  It isn't a romance or a mystery and although it is set 22 years ago, it doesn't fit the historical fiction genre.  It is contemporary fiction, even though it is not current.   

When I first picked up Words Unspoken, I found it very difficult to read.  There were so many complex characters with seemingly unrelated story lines.  I knew at some point they would have to intersect, but it was initially confusing to me.  In addition, this story is full of deep emotions, hurting people, grief, depression, anger, greed, and deception.  This is not the light-hearted style of book that I usually pick up for a quick read.

However, Words Unspoken is an excellent book and extremely well-written.  It is not a cheerful book I can escape into, but the character development is wonderful.  Although I reached the point where I could see  how the characters and their stories would collide, the ending still contained several surprises for me. 

Words Unspoken is subtly uplifting.   Elizabeth Musser weaves a tale of hope in the midst of grief, depression, anger, and destroyed lives.  Her story is real and the emotions expressed by her characters will resonate with both Christian and secular readers.  

Elizabeth Musser states on her website that: 
"My heart's desire is to create beautiful stories of hope, faith, forgiveness and love--sprinkled with history, mystery and much more--thereby offering my readers 'entertainment with a soul'."

 She succeeds with Words Unspoken.

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