Friday, September 4, 2009

God's sweet blessings

We are lazy gardeners at times.  We are definitely lazy composters.  We take our veggie and fruit scraps out to the garden plot and just toss them in.  Most years, we find cantaloupe plants coming up in the garden, and sometimes outside the garden if a bird has moved some seeds.  We always transplant them to the appropriate part of the garden, and watch them grow.  Many years we have been blessed with fresh cantaloupes from the seeds of store-bought cantaloupe trash ... unplanned blessings.

This year was no different.  We found cantaloupe coming up in several parts of the garden.  They have flourished and spread!  We planted some seed that we ordered from Gurney's.  But the volunteer cantaloupe had a head-start on the ones we planted.  We've enjoyed 3 home-grown volunteer cantaloupes and given one away so far.

They're the best, sweetest, largest cantaloupes we've ever grown.  And we know we've really done nothing special to claim this victory, other than toss out some scraps, recognize the young plants, and let them grow. 

Thank you God, for those sweet unexpected blessings! 

This year we've been tossing those scraps to the chickens, but maybe we should take some of those seeds out to the garden ... for next year's enjoyment!

Trusting In Him,

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