Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Homeschool Mom's Most Embarrassing Moments

We all have embarrassing moments, but there are some that are unique to homeschool Moms.  Moments when your kids do or say something that reflects on you not only as their parent, but also as their teacher.

For instance, when asked what grade they're in ... they might simply shrug.

When asked what school they go to ... they have been known to say "nowhere".

When asked why they aren't in school today ... they might say "I don't know."

When asked if they get a summer vacation ... they might say "not really."

When a 1st grade child who is learning to read, and IS progressing, just shrugs and tells someone "I can't read."

All of those leave you explaining yourself and your child to others.

I've had my kids tell someone else all my "bad Mom" moments before, in exaggerated child fashion.  "Yeah, you should hear her yell!" they once told someone.

And now today I have a new one.  My 8 year old son just showed me the card he's going to give to his Sunday School teacher tomorrow.  He made it himself.  And apparently, he thought it would be funny to spell things incorrectly. 

The card says:
" Thanks for B'ing my T'Chair! "
Yes ... I really am teaching him how to spell correctly.  I promise.

Trusting In Him,

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  1. Yes, I can see one of my children doing something like that! Remember, every homeschooling mom needs a really good sense of humor. Just repeat that to yourself at least once a week. That sense of humor will carry you through many an embarassing moment! ;)


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