Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just another day ...

Well, it's almost 7 pm.  Supper is still cooking, because I had to capture some escaped chickens.  I went out to feed them and collect eggs. As usual, my dog and the neighbor's dog followed me out.  But this time the neighbor's little Corgi shoved his way into the chicken house around my legs.  While I tried to catch him, my dog seized the opportunity and rushed around me, too.  Two dogs, in the barn, with the chickens.

To make a long story short, although less exciting, we ended up with three escaped chickens before we were able to capture the dogs and kennel them.  Then we had to capture the loose chickens.  None were injured, thankfully, and all are tucked safely in the barn again.  But that delayed the start of my supper preparations.

Yesterday, we had a swarm of ladybug-type beetles attack the house.  They were crawling in around the closed doors, all over the outside of the doors, and landed on you anytime you went outside.  I confess I'm feeling rather lazy about looking them up.  Think orangish-brown lady bugs, though, and you'll be able to imagine them.  I like lady bugs, but this was rather creepy to have them swarming the house like that.  Today, the swarm seems to be over, but we have them in the house.  I need to vacuum them up.

It's been 2.5 weeks since my 1 year old came down with influenza.  Today my 14 year old was hit by some other variation of influenza.  Since no one else caught Baby G's flu, we assumed it was a variation we were already immune to.  I confess I'm not very optimistic about keeping this flu contained to 14 yo A, as well.  I expect it will spread within the family, but I am giving everyone elderberry lozenges and vitamin C to reduce its severity.

I have things I'd love to share about in our homeschool right now, but they're review-related.  Both those reviews are due in the next 6 days, so I'll be writing about them very soon.  You can watch for our Sue Patrick workbox review and our Educaching review in the next week, though.

My spaghetti should be cooked by now, and the spaghetti squash should be almost done.  Yes, I cook both since one son hates spaghetti squash.  I'd better go finish supper preparations now.

Trusting In Him,

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