Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More of my favorite things ... aka nurturing a thankful spirit

I try to nurture a spirit of thankfulness, knowing that all blessings come from my Heavenly Father.  I try to be aware of the small moments of joy and peace, and not allow myself to become bogged down in the mundane details of daily life.

Today I am savoring ...

  1. sharing lunch with my one year old

  2. walking to the barn with my chatty three year old

  3. gathering eggs while the three year old chases chickens

  4. reading to my snuggly five year old

  5. listening as my eight year old reads to me

  6. hearing the dreams and "what ifs" of my imaginative ten year old

  7. watching my twelve year old interact with her younger siblings

  8. listening to my fourteen year old play with the three year old

  9. hearing my fourteen year old teach herself the guitar

  10. seeing my twelve year old cooking lunch

  11. walking in the leaves

  12. walking with my dog

  13. seeing the barn cats run to greet me

  14. three cute barn kittens

  15. the crisp cool air of changing seasons

  16. wide gray skies

  17. feeding my family from our garden's harvest

  18. folding my family's clothes, thankful for each person and the clothes God provided them

  19. a warm home

  20. watching a Persian cat waddle around looking for the perfect place to give birth

  21. being home with my family each day

  22. having the privilege of educating my children

  23. keeping in touch with family and friends via the internet

  24. a working washer and dryer

  25. enjoying the beauty of God's creation outside my window.

  26. living in a country where I'm free to worship openly

  27. knowing my husband will be home tonight

  28. security

  29. knowing I am accepted

  30. being cherished

  31. knowing God delights in me

  32. delighting in God

  33. peace

  34. joy

  35. love

  36. being blessed beyond measure

I'll stop there, because 36 is such a nice number. 

Trusting In Him,

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