Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Review: Amazing Bible Timeline from Bible Charts & Maps

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was sent a copy of the Amazing Bible Timeline to review.  At first glance, I was thrilled with this large, circular historical timeline.  We don't have a wall timeline, so I was looking forward to using this one.  We placed it under our clear vinyl tablecloth on our large dining room table.  It is 38" x 46" and may not fit on other dining room tables, but it barely fit onto one end of ours.

Upon further examination, I found that the chart itself contained references to the Book of Mormon that weren't cited as one of the resources in the bibliography at the top of the chart.   These references are in the section on Native American history.  I chose to use a black Sharpie marker to mark through some of the references, since I do not agree with these theories.  (You can see the five areas I marked through at the bottom of the chart.)

Additionally, this timeline basically skips over African history, and simplifies the 20th century into a 2 inch segment.   While I realize this is simply what happens when you condense all of history onto one chart, I would prefer a more complete timeline.  I also found it hard to differentiate between the three colors of pink and purple used to represent Catholic History, Reformation History, and Japhethite History (one of Noah's three sons).  My children found it hard to read the tiny print, stating that attempting to read the chart hurt their eyes.  Unfortunately, we do not own a magnifying glass to make this easier.

I still love timelines and I didn't find the circular style difficult to manage, as long as I could lean down over it to read the fine print.  (This may explain why it was harder for my kids, who are shorter than I am so can't get as close to it without climbing onto the table.)  The timeline is not laminated, but it is sturdy.  This timeline could benefit those who have limited wall space for a traditional linear timeline, but it is not one that I would recommend.  My older children have asked more than once if we can take it off the table yet.

You can see a close-up of the timeline at the Bible Charts And Maps website.  Those who purchase a copy of the Amazing Bible Timeline for $29.97 will receive two free downloads, as well.

This has been a TOS Homeschool Crew review.  As a member of the Homeschool Crew, we are given homeschool-related items and asked to write honest reviews.  The items are provided to us by the companies, but we are not paid for our reviews.  There are over 125 Homeschool Crew members, with different homeschool methods and family situations -- providing different opinions about the products.  Click the TOS Homeschool Crew banner at the top to read more reviews on this product by other Homeschool Crew members.

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