Thursday, October 1, 2009

Review: A Family Guide to The Bible by Christin Ditchfield

Author:  Christin Ditchfield
Publisher:  Crossway
Format:  Softcover
ISBN:  978-1-58134-891-0

Christin Ditchfield has written a helpful resource for Christian families.  A Family Guide To The Bible covers all 66 books of the Bible.  The book begins by answering the questions:  where does the Bible come from, and can we trust it?  From there it gives a synopsis of the message of the Bible --God's story throughout the Scriptures.

Then the real meat of the book begins.  For each book of the Bible, Christin Ditchfield covers the following information:

  • name of the book

  • author

  • the intended audience

  • the setting

  • the story

  • the overall message or theme

  • key verse or passage

  • scriptures that refer back to this book

  • words to know

  • things to think about

  • making a personal connection between the book and your life today

In my adult Sunday School class, we study the Scripture exegetically.  We choose a book of the Bible, then we read it and discuss it verse by verse.   Often, we begin our study by discussing the author, the audience, the setting, and the overall message of the book.  A Family Guide To The Bible provides this very information for each book of the Bible.

This isn't a commentary, so it doesn't provide in-depth explanations or analyses of each verse.  It isn't as comprehensive as the textbooks I used in my college theology classes.  It DOES provide a basic background of each book to build your own studies upon ... which is exactly what many families need.  A Family Guide To The Bible  would be helpful for families, Bible study leaders, and homeschoolers.  It would also be a good Bible study aid to give to older children that have begun to explore God's Word on their own.

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