Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Claus, ElCloud Style

We don't "do" Santa Claus at our house.  We hang stockings, and we watch Santa movies ... but we don't tell kids he's real or give gifts from him.  All gifts are from Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts, etc. 

But despite that, every one of our children at 3 years old has wanted to believe in Santa Claus.  We have books that talk about how Christmas is about Jesus, and tell the true story of Saint Nicholas vs. the make-believe Santa ... but they still believe.

The older kids know he is fake, but occasionally present me with "Letters to Santa" anyway.  I received four letters yesterday (to be posted later in this article), right before my children tried to convince 3 yo L that Santa wasn't real.

But they didn't stop at saying he was pretend.  They tried to convince her he was dead ... complete with photos they found on the internet of the hunter who shot Santa, and Santa's grave. (these photos are not gory or inappropriate in any way)  

I then had a distraught 3 yo.  She was already upset that we kept saying there isn't a Santa Claus and that Christmas is about Jesus.  She would say, "But Santa is in Christmas, too, right?"  with a pleading look.  But after these photos, she was almost in tears.  Leave it to teens to torment a preschooler like that.

I told the children to drop the subject and stop arguing with her.  Next year she'll be older and more able to understand the difference between what is pretend, and what is real.  For now, it's not worth upsetting her.

And now ... the letters to Santa from my kids who all know Santa isn't real ... well, except for 3 yo L.

Dear Santa C,
For Christmas, I want Barbie clothes, Barbie stuff, Barbies,Kens, Kelly dolls, Girl coloring books, High School Musical.  I was very very extremely good this year. 
From 10 yo C

(she even included a map to her bedroom and our house from the North Pole)

Dear SC,
I need a Nerf Toy, and I want it to be a Nerf Build Your Own Blaster!  Or a The Largest Full Auto Nerf Blaster. 
PS  I was very good.
Love, 8 yo J

(maybe we need to discuss needs vs. wants again)

Dear Saint Nick,
I was very good this year.  For Christmas I want Build Your Own Blaster.
5 yo M

(he drew a picture of a wii, although he didn't list one)

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want a bouncy ball, a doll, a teddy bear, toy dishes, a crown, a coloring book, crayons.
From 3 yo L

(no more crayons, please -- we have too many already)

Now, if you're a family member reading this, and you've already received a Christmas idea list ... just ignore these.  These are not necessarily Mom and Dad-sanctioned gift ideas. 

Just sharing the Santa-related activities at our house this week, from a family who doesn't even "do" Santa.

Trusting In Him,


  1. Cindy @ Fenced in FamilyNovember 20, 2009 at 4:34 AM

    Funny, April. We don't do Santa either, but I haven't ever had one of my kids start to believe in him (yet!). A few years ago, when my oldest was four or five, the check-out lady at Wal-Mart asked him, "Are you ready for Santa Claus?" He looked her, a little puzzled I think, and said, "Santa isn't real" in a sort of "didn't you know?" tone. I kept a straight face then but laughed heartily later!

  2. Have you read, "Santa, are you for real?" by Harold Myra? It does a reasonable job of bringing up St. Nicholas and the whole "there was a real guy ..." and - at least in our family - has made a nice bridge between not believing in Santa but acknowledging that there's some good in the stories and that St. Nicholas himself loved Jesus and served God.

  3. Kim, we do have that book, and we have read it to her. She's just not at a place to understand it or want to do so, right now. Next year, she'll likely understand better. :-)



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