Friday, November 13, 2009

Things you can't believe you said ...

Some of the crazy things I've said today ...

  • You can pretend you're dead AFTER the house is clean, but you're NOT going to pretend you're dead NOW.

  • The next time Baby G gets his head stuck in the chair, get a picture before we help him out.

  • If this sink wasn't dirty, we could blog a picture of this cat sleeping in it.

  • The Bible says that if you don't ask others to forgive YOU, then God won't forgive you.  Wait.  No it doesn't.  It says if we don't forgive others, He won't forgive us.  Well ... you still need to ask forgiveness.

  • Will you heat my coffee in the microwave ... for the third time?

  • I hear barking.  Is Dad home?

How about you?

Trusting In Him,


  1. Michelle @ Delightful LearningNovember 13, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    roflol, April! I could read posts like this every day, too funny!

    I will see if I can think of a good one: nope. Well, maybe one:

    "You cannot do your math until your chores are done!"

    My middle child said, "You don't hear that everyday!" ha ha. {Thanks to Mathletics}

    ~Michelle (from the Crew)

  2. "You cannot do your math until your chores are done!"

    Michelle, I love it!!!! that is so funny!!!


    Mrs. White (from the crew)

  3. Let's see . . . it has been a slow morning.

    "Mom, you set an extra plate and fork at the table!" It was true, my son is camping with Boy Scouts this weekend and I did set an extra plate out of habit!

    Me: "I wonder whether 'Scout' is freezing this morning." Dad: "Well, it is already nearly 50 degrees." Me: "Yes, but you know how easily he gets cold! He gets cold opening the refrigerator!"

    Me: "Miss Ladybugs, is breakfast better today?" "Yes!" (Although I did NOT fix apple pie for breakfast, I did make homemade applesauce for puffed oven pancake and finally made the right kind of tea!)

    My husband announced that he was going to make coffee. When I noted that he still had coffee in his pot and asked whether he was just going to warm it up, he said, "No, it is just dregs." I quipped, "Oh, what a dreg!"

    It has been a slow morning . . . ;)

  4. LOL. Those are funny for sure!

    Glad to see you were giving the blogger of the week! Congratulations,


  5. LOL especially the "I hear barking. Is Dad home?"


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