Monday, December 21, 2009

Candy Foote's "The Word Of God On..." e-books series

I recently was offered the chance to review some of Candy Foote's e-books.  I chose two e-books from her selection of  "The Word Of God On ..." e-books.   The two that interested me most were "The Word Of God On The Words Of Your Mouth" and "The Word Of God On Being A Woman, A Wife, And A Mother."  Each of these e-books is a compilation of Scripture on its chosen topic, sold for $14.99 at .

There have been times in my life when I have done what Candy Foote has done in these e-books.  I have used my concordance to look up all the Scriptures on a topic that was heavy on my heart at the time. I wanted to know what God had to say on the topic, so I searched it out.  Some of those times, I underlined a few verses, but failed to make a list of them all.  On a few subjects, I recorded the verse addresses on a list in my journal ... but not the entire Scripture segments. 

Candy has done that work for us and compiled it all into handy e-books that allow you to print them and read them whenever you want to.  Not only would these be helpful for your personal Bible study, they can be assigned to older children and teens for Bible Study, copywork, or memorization of passages.

The Word of God on Being a Woman, A Wife, and a Mother -- $14.99
This e-book is available in the King James Version, as well as New International Version.  I selected the NIV version.  This subject is one that is important to me.  Candy has included not only instructive verses on being a woman, wife, and mother ... but also Scripture re-telling the stories of other women in the Bible.  

The e-book is 101 pages long, with 94 pages being the actual Scripture compilations.  From Genesis to Revelation, it's God's Word on being a woman, just as the title states.  Organized in the order they are taken from the Scripture, it's easy to locate stories of Deborah, or verses from Proverbs.

The e-book is neat, easily readable, and includes all of God's Word on being a woman, wife, and mother.  It is easily downloaded as a PDF document, which can be read with Adobe Acrobat.

The Word of God on The Words Of Your Mouth -- $14.99
Available only in King James Version, this large e-book includes all God has to say on the words we speak.  Once again organized from Genesis to Revelation, it also includes narrative Scripture and instructive Scripture.  The 133 page e-book includes 128 pages of actual Scripture compilations.

This e-book is also well-organized, neat, and easily readable.  It is ready for your personal Bible study, or to use in your homeschool.  This e-book makes it easy to find Scripture on our words to assign for copywork or memorization by our children.

Also downloaded as a PDF document, this can be read in Adobe Acrobat.

To purchase these e-books, and more, visit

These e-books were provided to me free, in exchange for my honest review.

Trusting In Him,

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