Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday -- Laundry Style

Last week, I did NOT let the laundry pile grow large enough to swallow a kindergartener.

I did NOT take a picture on Saturday to prove that such a mountain of laundry existed.

I am NOT going to embarrass my husband by posting this proof of my negligence here on my blog.

That is not a 3 bin laundry sorter that can no longer sort laundry because it is NOT holding twice as much laundry as it is supposed to hold.

That does NOT mean that I washed several loads of unsorted "mixed" loads just to get down to the sorted bins.

It was NOT so bad that on Sunday morning, my 8 year old had no clean socks to wear. 

I  did NOT go digging through the stacked baskets of clean clothes waiting to be folded, looking for socks for him.

I did NOT give up but suggest he wear a pair of his Dad's dress socks that look like they shouldn't stretch to fit my husband's foot (although they do). 

The socks did NOT fit my son and he did NOT wear them to church.

He is NOT still wearing them this morning as he struggles to wake up.

I do NOT still have laundry to wash, because I did NOT only get 4 loads washed this weekend.

Folding clean laundry is NOT my number one priority for today.

Washing the rest of the laundry is NOT my number two priority today.

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Trusting In Him,


  1. I know what you're doing today :)

  2. Actually, that would have been last Monday morning when I had to fold 3-4 large loads of laundry just to find a good pair of socks! Saturday JCP had socks on sale and guess what? I bought two packages for my eldest daughter and I to share!

    I'm hoping you have some helpers for tackling that laundry pile! Can one of the oldest children read aloud while you and some of the middle aged ones fold laundry together? Get some literature time in that way? Or a book on audio? Or music appreciation time while you listen to some music?

  3. LOL!! I actually have TWO movies on this week's list for school in TOG. Sound of Music and South Pacific. We may have to watch one or both of those. Except I'll probably fold standing at the dining room table, and that isn't a good view of the TV.

  4. I know mine is.

  5. you have made my day because right now there is a pile at least that high on my love seat. but at least school got done


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