Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our relaxed homeschool group meeting

Yesterday, we attended our homeschool group's co-op meeting.  Attendance was lower than usual, and in a small group like ours that is especially noticeable.  But it enabled us to do everything in one group and forgo the rotations we have been using.

We had decided to set aside our usual studies in order to focus on Christmas.  I confess that was a last minute change, but it all came together.  One of our moms has been working on a Bible timeline presentation she's using with children in a church's after-school program.  She started with that, taking the children from Creation to the birth of Christ.  Then we used the Family Life Christmas In A  Box set to talk about the individuals involved in Christmas, and the prophecies of the Old Testament that were fulfilled in Jesus.

After that, we talked about the different names for Jesus, partially using the Family Life Adorenaments set.  I had intended to go more in-depth with that study, and with the prophecy study, but when it came to the actual time ... it seemed better to keep moving more quickly. 

We practiced our Christmas carols, since we're supposed to sing for the Senior Center during their holiday decorating on Friday.  The kids did a good job, and I enjoyed watching them all sing heartily.  Yeah, some of the kids don't carry a tune very well, but that's normal for the elementary ages. 

My 3 year old and 5 year old got up there, too.  5 yo M didn't sing since he isn't reading yet and wasn't sure of the words.  But he stood there very well, looking handsome and shy.  LOL!   3 yo L didn't care if she knew the words ... she sang along with the tune in her ahhh-aaahhh style.  She loves to sing and can follow a tune, even if she doesn't know the words.  I'm looking forward to the caroling on Friday.  We served a Thanksgiving meal at the Senior Center last week, and the children enjoyed it.  I'm sure we'll enjoy caroling and decorating, too.

After our lunch break, which allowed the kids to spend some time visiting with their friends while they ate, we moved into crafts.  Two of our Moms had prepared 4 separate crafts for the kids.  The pre-teens and teens decorated dough ornaments for the whole group to take home.  The preschool and kindergarten age made snow pictures with chalk, cotton balls, glue, and glitter glue.  The young elementary students made coupon booklets they can give as gifts to their parents.  Then they all were able to decorate 3 cookies one of the Moms had made with frosting and sprinkles.

A couple of us had printed out some Christmas word games the kids could do, thinking if we were having rotations there might be some time to fill.  But the children didn't want to do those after their crafts.  They just spent some more time playing together until it was time to leave.  I think some of the Moms grabbed the worksheets to take home with them, though.

It was a nice relaxed co-op meeting ... an enjoyable time with friends.  Our group moved to only having one meeting a month, instead of two this year.  I know we needed to do that, due to gas costs for those who live more rurally.  But I do miss having two chances to get together each month.  The moms have added an evening together each month, though, and that is an encouraging time of fellowship.

Our homeschool group is a blessing to our family.

Trusting In Him,

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