Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 -- A Year In Review

Last January, I followed my friend Kristen, and posted my 2008 Year In Review.  I was at her blog today and saw she did a year in review again, which once more inspired me to write my 2009 Year In Review.

Last year I put the first sentence of the first and last post each month, because some of my first posts turned out to be contest entries and such.  Well, with the addition of reviews, that would be even more of an issue this year.  So I've decided to just put the first sentence of the first personal post each month.

January:  The Dog And The Deer
I finally found something I do NOT like about living in the country.

February:  Toddler Science Experiments
She did it again!

March:  A Family Update
It's probably time for a family update.

April:  Busy Mouths
We've already established that my children have busy minds, busy hands, busy feet.

May:  Friday Show & Tell At ElCloud Homeschool
These are some pictures taken around our house this week. 

June:  ElCloud Salon, Chickens, Reviews, and the 2009-2010 TOS Crew
This weekend, ElCloud Salon set up in my living room again.

July:  An easy crockpot meal
We don't have air conditioning, and we live in hot humid Kansas.  (Okay it's the 3rd sentence, but it made the most sense.)

August:  Homeschool Open House 2009
Yesterday was our first day of homeschool for 2009-2010.

September:  Fall Is In The Air
It seems that fall arrived this weekend.

October:  Some Funnies From Our Week
I'm on a small website with other moms of many.

November:  Fleeting Moments of Grandeur
Sometimes I feel as if I'm on top of the world, excelling as a wife and mother, ordering my home and tasks with ease, accomplishing more than I imagine possible.

December:  Our Relaxed Homeschool Group Meeting
Yesterday, we attended our homeschool group's co-op meeting.

Hmm.  I think for many of these, the better sentences come further down in the post.  Oh well!  Maybe I should create a post which lists some of our favorite blog posts from this year ... the really funny, poignant, or helpful posts. 

Happy Belated New Year!

Trusting In Him,

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  1. I'm happy that I did something worth "copying" :) It's been a great year!

    Now to see how many of these posts I missed.


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