Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Changes for our baby ...

I was pondering this weekend that G's not much of a baby anymore.  At 16 months old, he's a very active toddler.  He climbs, gets into way too much trouble, and races around the house like his older siblings.

On Sunday he was running down the hall, pushing a large toy car ... just like his big brothers do.  He loves books and movies, and although he isn't talking very much yet he understands what we're saying to him and can follow simple instructions.  He's got the important words down ... like "eat" and "kitty".

Monday, I cut his hair for the very first time, and now his wispy baby hair that flipped up in back is gone.  Daddy said it was time, and he does look cute ... but I miss the little flippy curls above his ears and in back.

Unfortunately, I also realized this weekend that he has Night Terrors.  He's had small times in the past when he cried and then fought me when I tried to get him or nurse him.  I usually had to sit and hold him for a second until he settled.  It never lasted more than a couple brief minutes.  But the past two nights he has cried/screamed and fought against me for half an hour (or more), seeming to wake between 2:30 and 3 am ... but not really being awake.

Night Terrors are new to me.  I've heard about them, read about them, and know others who have dealt with them.  But it's still new to me.  I didn't realize until this morning, after two such events, what was really going on.  Pray for him and me ... it's hard on me getting up with him like that, but I'm sure it's hard on him, too.  Even if he doesn't remember it, it disrupts his sleep.

We're loving watching his sweet personality unfold, though.  Whenever someone says they are cold, he runs and gets a folded blanket from the basket for them.  That's fine, unless he just keeps getting more blankets and makes a mess for everyone else.

Both my "babies" are growing up.  His 3 yo sister is potty training, and he's becoming more capable and independent every day.  I'm just glad they still let me hold them ... sometimes more than I like.

Trusting In Him,


  1. I have a hard time with first haircuts. I think it is a mommy thing. My kids are 11, 10 and 8. I am looking for a way to slow things down and have not found it yet! At least I have no regrets about homeschooling them. I can't say that I have not spent as much time with them as possible.


  2. Night terrors really are a terror! Do you know that kids who have night terrors may also be more likely to sleep walk? Keep an eye on him! One of mine only had night terrors, another had night terrors and sleep walk, and the other just sleep walks.

    We discovered that our night terrors were triggered by certain foods, much like an allergic reaction. When ever they had that food, they had night terrors - and still do even years later if they have too much of it. Is there something new that he's been exposed to or is eating more of than before?




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