Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life with toddlers

Baby G is 16 months old now and L is nearing 4.  In March, he will turn 18 months old, and 4 days later she'll be 4 years old.  They're interesting to watch because G is testing boundaries and L is so concerned that people keep the rules ... even if she isn't keeping them.  G is discovering not only what he's capable of, but also what he's allowed to do.  And he likes to test and see what he can get away with.  If you tell him to get off the back of the couch and stop messing with the light switches, he waits to see how long before you act on that.  (Ouch ... good reminder to me to be more proactive and give less warnings.)

L isn't perfect.  She's just as likely to join him on the back of the couch and mess with the light switches as she is to tattle on him.  But she's starting to really get hung up on the rules.  She tells me often when someone is breaking a rule, or isn't doing things the way she thinks they should.

Yesterday, L and G were both "helping" me make supper.  In other words, they were both in the way and I could not convince them to go back to the living room and leave me alone.  When we moved in here, I was thankful for a larger kitchen.  But it's not larger when the kids all stand around and get in the way.  Now, I confess this was only two kids, but they'd pulled up the tall step stool/chair and had that in my way, too. 

I was getting irritated with them, to say the least.  And then they started bickering between themselves.  Since G isn't really talking much, this consists of him hitting her, pushing her, and fussing while she whines and complains and yells his name!  Then she tells me all about what he's doing that is wrong. 

At this point, I'm trying to think of ANY MOVIE that will tempt them to go back to the living room.  And then L tattled on G.

"Moooommm (whiny tone here), G is trying to open the taaaaterrr toooots." 

Huh?  We don't have tater tots, and if we did, they'd be in the freezer.  Then L hands me the canister of dried apricots.  Snicker. 

"Those are apricots, L.  It's okay. Thanks for giving them to me.  Um, let's go find a movie."

Thankfully, dinner was ready shortly after that, and all was right with the world again.  Until G decided he was done with supper once more.  He announces this by tossing his plate and silverware on the floor, of course.  I wonder how long before he learns to just say  "Done!"

Trusting In Him,


  1. Oh, "helping" toddlers - a necessary evil! We want them to learn to be helpful but it is ssooooo much easier and faster to do things without them! And somehow it is much less frustrating and more amusing to read about others' ventures in this arena than to live through it myself. But I *do* live through it every day with my just-turned-4 year old! (and almost 7 and 9-1/2! But they really are learning to be helpful and it started when they were "in the way" helping.)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cindy @ Fenced in FamilyJanuary 28, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    What a fun glimpse into your life. :) I love that L is hung up on rules while G is trying to see how far he can bend them.


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