Friday, January 22, 2010

Our homeschool is in danger ...

Don't panic ... we're not in legal danger.  But our ability to complete our work is in danger.

We can't find erasers and pencils!!  Every day someone is asking me where the erasers went, or where is a pencil.  I have no clue what happened to them all.  At the beginning of this school year, we chose NOT to buy the discounted school supplies because we had so much already.  Our little school supply organizer had a section full of erasers and one full of pencils.

Fast forward 4 months and we're scrounging around, looking under furniture, digging in desk drawers, and coming up with a few extra pencils and 3 erasers to share.  How did that happen?

  • Are they in the crayon boxes?

  • Are they buried under textbooks in the kids' work crates?

  • Are they hiding in corners behind furniture, never to see the light of day until we either move, win the lottery and replace our furniture, or become really ambitious and decide it's time to paint over Grandma's color scheme.

  • Did the couches eat them?

  • Did the dog and cats eat them?

  • Did the kids eat them?

  • Did the kids hide them, hoping to sabotage their math lessons?

I don't know.  I guess it doesn' t matter.  But I've checked the Walmart clearance aisles and this year I did not see boxes of my favorite Ticonderoga black pencils in the clearance aisle to snag like I did this time last year.  I didn't see erasers, either.  So we either limp along with the few we can find, move our furniture around looking for hiding places, or break down and buy them full price.

Actually, we do have some mechanical pencils in a desk drawer.  After my 6 year old came to me crying 3 different times yesterday that he couldn't get two different pencils to sharpen (stupid cheap decorated pencils) without breaking ... I taught him the wonders of a mechanical pencil.

Now the only problem will be when his lead is finally down to the last little bit and he can't get it to stay out, and he will come to me crying that his mechanical pencil isn't working.  Then we'll get to learn about the downside of mechanical pencils as I throw away the last inch of lead.

I wonder how long before we can't find any of the mechanical pencils either.

Trusting In Him,


  1. Haha.....we have the same issue. I swear, my kids will be using a pencil to do some work and five minutes later that same pencil is gone. Drives me crazy:)

  2. We got 5 primo pencils free at the zoo over christmas for doing a scavenger hunt or else we'd be in a similar spot. I am having a hard time finding pencils that will sharpen. Ours break off in the sharpener. Must be a common homeschool problem though. Hope you get some pencils.


  3. I am TELLING YOU - kids eat them! That's the only rational explanation I've been able to come up regarding our own missing pencils! I'm thinking of tying them to a long string attached to my wrist similar to what they do at our local grocery store. ROFL


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