Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A mommy just knows

Baby G ... okay, Toddler G ... has just been "off" today.  He's been clingy, not eating well, and felt a tad warm to me.  I took his temperature using a temporal thermometer, but it  read 97.1, which is his usual temperature with that thermometer.  He wouldn't let me get anything done, though, and I just suspected he was getting sick.

At lunch time, I finally snuggled him to sleep and laid him on the couch.  Two hours later he was still sleeping, despite siblings bopping all around him noisily.  Then his sister touched his forehead and thought he had a fever, too.  We tried the temporal thermometer and it read 98.8.  A fever on the way. 

I have no idea what this illness is going to be, or who it will hit.  I'm thankful I'm here to snuggle him when he's sick and "off".  Thankful for a "Mommy sense" to know when something isn't right.

But I do wonder how I'm going to get the chickens fed and watered, and the laundry caught up ...

Trusting In Him,

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  1. I have always been thankful to be home when mine were sick...there is blessing in everything. I pray your little one feels better soon and that you both get rest.



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