Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday -- Housework Style

If I had visitors expected in half an hour, I would NOT flip over dirty couch cushions so that the cleaner side of the couch cover showed.

I would NOT carry two baskets of unfolded clothes to my bedroom, and shut the door.

If my husband had vacuumed the living room the night before, I would NOT get out the vacuum to get some corners he'd missed. 

I would NOT put the vacuum away and then see some more that I had missed.  I would  NOT then get the dustpan and hand broom to sweep up the little bit.

After I had put the dustpan/broom away, I would NOT see even more that I had missed.  I would definitely NOT choose to kick it under the couch. 

Not me ... not today ... not ever!

Edited to add:  I was NOT corrected by my husband, who informed me he didn't finish the living room vacuuming.  He didn't miss spots, he just didn't get finished.  So, for the sake of my husband's reputation ... let it be known that he was not finished vacuuming yet.

Trusting In Him,

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  1. I wouldn't have pretended to not be


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