Friday, March 19, 2010

Life in our home these days...

We've been enjoying the warmer weather, the crocuses, and seeing the other flowers start poking their leaves up through the grass.  I can see where the grape hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, Surprise lilies, and day lilies are going to be.  We can hear lots of birds singing, though they aren't spending much time on the ground (thanks to our barn cats).  The kids are asking me to get out their shorts already.  Um, no.  I don't think so.

Yesterday I was teaching 9 yo J a new math concept.  He had to solve for the unknown "n" in equations.  At first he just kept saying, "I don't get it."  After he said that four times in a row, I sent him to get the blocks.  Yes, we often use duplos or other blocks as math manipulatives.   He quickly understood it when I showed it to him with the blocks.  If he'd just listened to me more carefully, he probably could have understood it without the blocks.  Don't you just love it when kids decide they "don't get it" and quit trying to understand?  You can explain it five different ways, but they can't hear you, because they've shut down on the topic.  I have several kids who tend to do this, especially in math.

While we had the blocks out for math, 1 yo G started stacking them up in a tall tower.  He was doing such a good job.  Then he discovered the joy of knocking them down.  Both boys (9 yo J and 6 yo M) were enjoying watching their baby brother.  So we talked about how babies learn while they play.  They learn cause and effect, balance, etc.  They also learn that their siblings holler if they throw a block and hit them on the head. 

Our rooster is getting very aggressive.  He used to only have stand-offs with the kids and Steve.  The kids have quit dealing with the chickens because of the rooster.  Steve had decided he didn't want to do it anymore since the rooster was always trying to attack him, but didn't attack me.  But now, he's attacking me, too.  We're approaching capri weather, but I can't go out to see the chickens in anything but jeans, or my legs will get clawed up.  Two days ago, he waited until I was in a corner to start attacking me.  Sometimes he waits until my back is turned.  Most recently, I kicked him every time he came at me.  Finally, I knocked him on the head with my flashlight.  He quit then, but I still don't trust him.  We had hoped to show him at the Fair, but we may be eating him before then.  We didn't want a rooster for this very reason ... but one of our pullets ended up being a rooster instead.  My 14 year old thinks she wants to become a vegetarian rather than eating any of our chickens.  Maybe she'd feel differently if she was the one he attacked each day.  Speaking of which ... I need to go gather eggs again.

My pregnancy is going well.  Today I am 12 weeks pregnant.  My evenings are starting to improve, as far as morning sickness goes, but it's not completely gone yet.  I still struggle in the mornings, and have to keep eating small frequent protein snacks all day.  Daylight Savings time change really zapped my energy this week, but I'm catching up again. 

I need to spend some time calculating what schoolwork we still need to finish, and how many weeks of school it will take to do so.  We need to finalize a plan for the rest of the school year, and I need to figure out grades for my 9th grader for this year.  It's time to start her transcript. 

I also need to do some garden planning with my husband.  I know what I have in mind, but I need to see what he has in mind.  I'm hoping the spring rains cooperate better with my husband's schedule this year.  Last year, we were late getting many things planted, due to it being too wet to till much of the time he was home.

I'll try to post about our family and homeschool more often.  I know it's been nothing but reviews lately, but we should be leaving "early pregnancy survival mode" soon, and I'll try to do better.  *smile*

Trusting In Him,

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