Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday -- randomness

We did NOT finally catch up on all our laundry last Friday, only to discover several items stained with mildew spots once we were done.   I did NOT remind children to NOT put wet wash cloths in the laundry hamper.  I did NOT realize that sometimes I was the guilty party since I was sure I'd start that load of clothes right away and it wouldn't matter.  I did NOT rejoice that the mildew spots were only on winter pajamas, socks, and undergarments.  I did NOT wish it had been the toddler's pajamas instead of the teens' pajamas ... since the toddler is less likely to mind.  I did NOT also think it's a good thing I'm not Jewish and living by Old Testament laws, or I'd need to take these outside of  our camp and burn them. 

I did NOT just tell my 6 yo son today that he needed to eat his second boiled egg this morning, even if it didn't peel perfectly so he wouldn't lose when his brother and he had a gas-passing competition.  I did NOT say that if he didn't eat his egg, then 8 yo J's gas would be stinkier because he ate two eggs, and 6 yo M would lose the competition because he only ate 1.  I was NOT thankful that it worked, and that the 6 yo quit whining about his imperfect egg and just ate it.

That same 6 yo did NOT decide to snuggle up to a radiator to get warm this weekend (in a public building) only to burn his chin on it.  He did NOT wait until he was home and I asked him what happened to his chin to confess what had happened.  It had not already blistered and popped by then.  He did NOT demand to go to church without a band-aid so he could show his friends and teacher his burn.  Thankfully, it was NOT a small burn.

I did NOT decide that the next time I take Potato Corn Chowder to a church potluck I'm going to call it Baked Potato Soup instead.  I did NOT feel disappointed that more people didn't eat my soup, until I realized that it meant I could enjoy soup today.  I did NOT decide it needed the new name, because apparently Potato Corn Chowder sounds bland and boring, which my soup is NOT.   Because I do NOT put a lot of onion and bacon in it, and I do NOT season it with pepper and chili powder and cheese.  I do NOT like taking it to potlucks because many of my own children are finicky about potatoes and soups, so I rarely get to make it at home. 

I do NOT have children who whine whenever I make soup.  I do NOT have the finickiest children in the world.  I do NOT have several children who dislike potatoes.  I do NOT get irritated when I fix a nice dinner and then at least one person doesn't want to eat it. 

I do NOT have absolutely no idea what I am going to cook for supper tonight.  I do NOT, however, know that I MUST start some more laundry ... to avoid more mildew which I have NOT ever seen before.  *wink*

Trusting In Him,

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