Monday, April 5, 2010

How much do my kids love me?

Well, I'm starting to wonder about that.  This weekend wasn't a stellar weekend, when it comes to my kids expressing love to me. 

Episode #1
On Saturday, my 4 year old ran up to me and excitedly stated,  "I LOVE my HAIR a million MILLION BUCKS!"

Then my 13 year old asked her how much she loved me.  She replied, "I love you 8 bucks, Mom!"

My 13 year old said, "Hey!  You said you loved me a hundred million bucks." 

Yep ... 4 yo L loves her hair a million, million bucks.  She loves her big sister a hundred million bucks.  She love me ... 8 bucks. 


Episode #2
Saturday afternoon, I walked through the kitchen door and stopped dead in my tracks.  I could smell mildew ... strongly!  I started trying to track it down, but couldn't locate it.

My daughter could also smell it, but not locate it.   We both tried to find the source.

At one point, I was crawling around looking under things, sniffing furniture and even the floor.  It became clear the smell was not down low, but up higher in the air.  Stranger and stranger.

Steve came inside and I mentioned it to him.  In less than a minute, he'd located the source ... although I think it was accidental.

The wildflower (weed) bouquet my 9 yo son had picked for me smelled just like mildew!!  It was scenting the dining room, part of the living room, and the hallway.  If anyone went to the table and then came back into the living room, the smell came with them. 

A stink bouquet.

So, my daughter loves me 8 bucks, and my son gave me a stink bouquet.  Just how much do those kids love me?

Trusting In Him,

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  1. The love you enough to make you laugh about these things, right? And the bouqet... it's the thought that counts, right? (Although I may have thought my kids were trying to kill me, since I'm nearly that allergic to mold. At least it feels like I am when in the midst of it.) ;)

    When my 4yo was 2 & 3, she was convinced by her sister 3 years older that the sister was her mom, not me. Yep. She called her mommy and loved her more than me - in words. I am so glad she was nursing at the time or there may have been more confusion than there was! Every now and then she still calls her sister mommy - for real, not just accidentally. We have to remind her.


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