Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ page 21


FOR TODAY (April 27, 2010)...

Outside my window... a cloudy sky, a redbud tree, and a field waiting to be planted with soybeans.

I am thinking... that it's been exactly 9 months since I completed the last page in my Simple Woman's Daybook.  Wow!  Too long.

I am thankful for... my husband, who helps keep me focused when I want to quit.  My 6 yo son who is spelling out words in a way his older siblings were always afraid to try:  Untamd Uncut (Untamed and Uncut is a tv show we made the mistake of watching once), Brl Widen (bull riding, with his mispronunciation spelled out).  He's been one of my earliest readers, and he's now my first to try writing things himself.

From the learning rooms...
We are doubling up some weeks in Tapestry of Grace to try to complete year 4 by summer.  We're studying the Space Race and the Vietnam War at the moment.

From the kitchen...  last night's pizza pans still needing to be washed from the homemade pizzas my girls made.

I am wearing... still wearing pajamas, waiting for children to wake up.

I am creating... a duck-billed platypus is on the drawing board this week.  I have found my samples, and now I need to start bringing it to life as a coloring sheet for The Old Schoolhouse's future line of science unit studies.

I am going... to continue potty training my 4 year old today.  She's my latest to potty train, finally "getting it" just after her 4th birthday.  Too bad I didn't realize sooner that she was fully aware of the difference in pull-ups and underwear and would try harder to stay dry in underwear.  None of my others were that stubborn.

I am reading... How To Be A Great Wife Even Though You Homeschool by Todd Wilson,  Homeschooling For The Rest Of Us by Sonya Haskins.

I am hoping... to write one more TOS Homeschool Crew review this week.  I only have 5 Crew reviews left for this year.

I am hearing... birds singing outside.

I am praying ...  for patience, for wisdom, for peace between my children, for love and joy in the home, for a healthy baby, for my husband.

Around the house... laundry is calling my name ... waiting for me to fold it so it can be put away.  My number one task for today.

One of my favorite things... picking baby names with my husband.  (hint, hint, Steve!)

A few plans for the rest of the week... catch up on laundry, plan the next few weeks of school, grade some math and grammar.

Here is a  thought I am sharing...  (sorry, I have no recent photos worth sharing at the moment)
As I was reading last night about needing to be my husband's cheerleader, I realized I haven't been cheering my husband on very well.  I haven't been encouraging him, praising him, admiring him, thanking him ... and then I realized I was in a similar rut with my children.  I return affection and love.  I even initiate loving moments with them.  But I'm in a rut, one that hasn't been as joyful as I'd like, which makes being a cheerleader harder.  How about you?  Are you in a rut, or are you cheering on your family?

Trusting In Him,


  1. I need to read that book by Mr. Wilson. Good daybook!


  2. Good encouragement about being a cheerleader! And congrats on baby #8! You are a very busy mama I'm sure!



  3. I am so, too, in a rut. And also have a recently turned 4 year old who is still working on potty training! Also my latest to accomplish that task. I will be praying for you and appreciate your prayers as well.


  4. Great daybook! Glad you're "Back!" I am soooo in a rut right now! Maybe it's the time of year and I'm yearning for summer...I don't know what it is but I need to snap out of it desperately! Thanks for the food for thought! Have a blessed week!


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