Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great ElCloud Chair Debate!

My husband loves auctions.  We both do, but he is more likely to buy things at an auction than I am,  since he is the bread-winner.  He can't pass up a good deal -- whether we need it or not.

Several years ago before we moved in here, he won 6 office "waiting room" type chairs.  We didn't have room for them at our old house, so we brought them out here.  We've been using them at the dining table since then, although they are rather bulky for the dining room.  I've tried to convince Steve that if we replaced them with regular dining room chairs, we could fit 2 more chairs  easily at the table (possibly even 4 when company came).

Well, over a week ago, he bought a set of 4 walnut dining room chairs with needlework seat pads.  They're old -- possibly antique -- and they've been crowding my hallway ever since he brought them home.  My first thought was that using them in our home was just sentencing them to destruction.  I had no idea why he bought them.

But then I realized that we could replace the over-sized office chairs in the dining room with them.  It would open up a lot more space.  I tested the chairs out and they seemed really sturdy.  Last night I began rearranging chairs, and explaining my plan to Steve.

And then the trouble began.

"What will we do with the office chairs?" he asked.

"We'll have to get rid of them," I said.

My plan was to move them to the basement for now.  We don't have room for both sets of chairs in the house.  It's one or the other, right?

But then the kids started piping in ... the 10 year old doesn't want to lose her comfy office chair.  Some of them are on his side!

I can't keep walking around chairs in the hallway, and I don't want to put the old needlepoint chairs in the basement to possibly be ruined by moisture.

So the Great Chair Debate continues.  Something has to change, though -- and some chairs have to go!



  1. Your blog looks good!

    I don't blame them, the office chairs probably are a good bit more comfortable than the needlepoint chairs.

    But, that doesn't help your problem, does it?

  2. Not sure if I'd win that argument either. I do feel your pain though. Comfy is hard to beat. May I ask how you get html code into your sidebars? When I add a text widget nothing happens. Thank you.


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