Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yard Sales -- Part of God's Provision

Last night, we looked in the newspapers for local yard sales to visit today.  We only found 3 to write down, but they all listed baby items.  One of those was actually further out of town than we were, so I went there first this morning.   It turned out to be the best sale of the day.

I didn't spend much there.  I bought a small 2 shelf bookshelf for $5 which is still quite sturdy, a small laundry basket for $.25 and about 40 plastic hangers for another $.25.  That was it. 

One of the sales we had hoped to visit was closed early when we got into town, the other one didn't really have anything we needed ... nor did any of the non-advertised sales we followed signs to visit.  I spent $13.25 total, mostly on little things.  Our big ticket item was that bookshelf.

I came home, and discovered it wouldn't work at the end of my love seat as I had hoped.  I didn't really want to put it behind the end table, since it would be hard to reach.  Steve vetoed the one hallway position I temporarily placed it in when we first arrived home.  I did consider a place in the kitchen so my cookbooks could migrate from the living room to the kitchen.  I also considered a different place in the kitchen  to hold canned goods.  I will be looking for another couple small shelves for my kitchen, because those were good ideas.

The place that finally won out for the bookshelf is in my bedroom.  I first went in there looking for a place it could fit to hold either baby clothes or the baby bedding that was in our "baby dresser" so that the new baby could share the "baby dresser" with 1 yo G instead of moving G's clothes out as we usually do when expecting a new baby.  But there really wasn't anywhere to put it in our room, except at the end of the toddler bed, which would be crowded.  Then I realized it would fit nicely on top of the "baby dresser". 

So that is where it  now sits.  I moved the baby blankets and sheets up there.  There is one space left for a basket to put the new baby's socks in.  Each of our baby's has had 3 medium drawers and two small drawers.  This baby will only have 3 medium drawers and one small drawer.  The missing drawer is the sock and shoe drawer.  So a basket on the shelf will hold those nicely.

I love when God provides what we need for our new babies, inexpensively.  That was $5 well-spent and I don't have to keep worrying about where the baby's clothes will go.  At least not until 1 yo G and the baby move out of our room.

(Hmm ... just got to thinking about how our "baby dresser" was a $5 yard sale purchase a few months before our marriage, when Steve was moving into our apartment and we had no furniture at all.  We weren't trying to shop yard sales that Sunday after church, but stopped when we saw the dresser.  It's a pretty small dresser -- we managed to fit it into the trunk of our little Thunderbird that day -- but it has served us well for the past 16 years.)

Trusting In Him,


  1. I love when you see God's hand in things as simple as a yard sale find.

  2. frontierfreedomMay 1, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Yes, God does provide. We've made some decisions lately that seemed foolish for financial reasons, but God has shown us that we made the right decisions pleasing to Him.

    I just ran across your blog and am enjoying it very much!

    God bless,


  3. Isn't is amazing how God knows our every need and provides for them - even so much more than our needs! Thank you for sharing what He is doing in your life!

  4. frontierfreedomMay 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Hello April,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I just edited my post to include the information you asked about.

    God bless,


  5. We have noticed the same many times over the years. Just imagine all the times we DON'T see how He provides for us! I am embarrassed to admit we probably don't recognize His provision far more often than we do!


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