Monday, June 7, 2010

Awaiting our baby ...

We had our ultrasound on Friday morning.  The children were there, and so was Steve.  The kids were really impatient while the technician was taking measurements.  Some of the younger kids kept asking what she was doing, why it was taking so long, when we'd find out if the baby was a boy or a girl, etc.

So finally, the technician decided to take a look at the gender for us.  Two different "peeks" seemed to show that the baby is a girl.  After she determined that for us, she returned to taking measurements. 4 yo L didn't want to wait for more of that, though.  She loudly declared ... more than once ... "Hey!  It's a girl!  We're done!  Now we can leave!"

Eventually, Steve did take the younger children out so the technician could finish her work without their noises and wiggles.  We did get one picture of her face in 3D, but she wasn't very cooperative.  She had both her arms (and apparently a foot) up by her face.  The best picture we could get was a profile view that shows her nose, lips, chin, the back edge of her ear ... and a big blur over the rest where her arm is in the way.   Even though it was a 3D picture, it took a lot of interpretation to get the children to understand what part of the picture was the baby's face.

The picture at the top are some of the things we'd gathered at yard sales for this baby, before we knew she was a girl.  Last summer, I bought the lavender Robeez 0-6 months boots for $3 at a yard sale ... unsure if I'd use them on a baby of my own or give them away.  Thankfully, a baby girl born in October will get lots of use out of these little boots!

The fabric I picked up at a yard sale for $1, just last month.  It's enough for either a single-layer blanket, or one side of a double-layered blanket.  I'm torn between making it into a lightweight blanket for warmer weather, or a warmer blanket for winter.

Once again, God has provided the right items for our baby at a yard sale, even before we knew its gender.  In the past, I've found the correct gender crib sheets, correct gender baby clothes, etc ... always before I knew what I was having.  :-)

Now the waiting continues.  I'm 23.5 weeks along ... about 16.5 weeks to go!

April E.


  1. I love the john deere fabric!!!! And those booties are fabulous!!!! God is awesome!

  2. how wonderful, congrats on another baby to join your family... hope everything goes well and God bless you and the babies...
    PS as for the little ones in the ultrasound room, we mommies understand how the little ones get so excited, hope it didn't bother you i think its cute as can be!! XOXO

  3. Awww - congrats April! That is so sweet that she is a girl and you will be ready for her. Glad that you have been blessed and that all is going well! MeritK


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