Friday, June 25, 2010

Changing Expectations

I already posted the other day about how I can't work in the garden as much as I had thought I would, because bending is too difficult, and painful.  But over the last week, we've found that even just bending down to pick up a toy, or tie a child's shoe would leave me with back/hip pain at times.  It didn't make sense.  I'm only 26 weeks along (today) and this is more like what I should be feeling at 35+ weeks.

I look like an 80 year old woman walking around at times.   I know it, and had already acknowledged it to myself.  But my teen-age daughters have recently told me how sorry they feel for me when I'm hobbling around ... just like they feel sorry for old people when they see them walking around or needing to bend down to pick something up.  Hmm.  Thanks,  girls!

I'll be honest.  This has been troubling me.   I couldn't figure out how two years could make such a difference in how my body reacted to pregnancy.  I'm not THAT much older than I was when I carried Baby G, and it isn't due to the summer heat, since G was due only 2.5 weeks earlier than this baby is due.  I haven't gained any extra weight since that pregnancy, either.

Thankfully, I've  discovered the probable cause.  Our little girl is currently breech.  In the past, all of our little ones have behaved nicely and turned head-down very early on.  I have had a few that liked to lay diagonally, with their head by my hip bone ... but they were still head down.  Not this little girl.  I think that's the cause of my early (and exaggerated) discomforts.  (I'll definitely be discussing that with my Dr. next week.)

Additionally, my feet are telling me they don't like me wearing summer shoes anymore.  My Birkenstocks and Crocs are causing my plantar fasciitis pain to flare up.   The past few summers, I've had mild pain from the summer shoes, but just kept dealing with it.  I guess the extra pregnancy issues have made it more severe this time.   So, out come my New Balance tennis shoes ... and here come the hot feet.

I'll survive.   Now that I've identified the reasons for the pain, I'll be better able to manage.  I've discovered that sometimes I just need to lie down and take the load off my hips (and feet).  Even when I can't go nap, I can lay on the couch and rest more.  I'm going to have to pace myself better, spread the work out more evenly,  and delegate more tasks.

I think some baby-turning exercises are going to become a priority.   I might even find myself finally taking everyone's advice and seeing a chiropractor this pregnancy.  In the meantime, I'll try not to hobble in public too much.  And, I will try not to complain.  After all, my pain is only going to last another 14 or so weeks.  Some people live with endless chronic pain.

Just changing my expectations of myself, and this pregnancy.  In the end, I know this sweet little girl will be worth the discomforts and the changes in plans.  I just need to keep focusing on the goal.

Choosing Joy,
April E.


  1. Ok, I'll try commenting. I tried the other day and got a security violation error. Just so you know.

    I was going to suggest a chiropractor, so I'm glad you are considering it. It has helped my back and hip pain during pregnancy. I just delt with it twice, but the third time around bit the bullet and got adjusted. Not only did it help my pain, but it was mt easiest labor. I had back labor with the other 2 and my third was easy with just 30 minutes of labor and a few pushes. I'm totally sold on chiropractics! My middle daughter alsp benefits from adjustments. She has a sensory disorder that is so much easier to deal with when she has monthly appointments.


  2. Hey April, Yes, visit a chiropractor. When I had baby number two, mine even came to the house to work on me while I was in labor. They WILL be quite helpful to you. I hope you find relief soon.

  3. I'm praying for relief--for the baby to turn for you! I am at 35+ weeks, so I know how you feel!

  4. April, it all sounds so painful! I hope that you can manage to stay off your feet enough to feel better. And I pray that baby will move to a more comfy position.

    If you get to the stage where turning baby is a priority, contact me for a simple solution that worked for us.


    Annie Kate

  5. OH, I hope you find some relief...and do go to the chiropractor. It helped tremendously with my last pregnancy


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