Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cute little toddler feet

For the past 11 years, we have used only Robeez leather moccasins on our babies' feet.  Until they are 1.5 and running around outside, that's all they ever wear.  We usually only have 1-2 pair per size, in gender neutral colors so multiple babies can wear them.  We buy them whenever we find them on sale, or at yard sales, because they can be expensive.  We transition them to regular shoes when they're about 18 months old.

Soft leather moccasins are all Baby G has ever known.  He has lived all his life wearing socks inside, or going barefoot.  We only get the Robeez out when we're leaving the house.  If he wants to go outside, he runs to his changing table drawer and gets the Robeez for you!

Alas, the 12-18 month Robeez are getting tight on his ankles, leaving elastic marks when we take them off.  We've never bought 18-24 month Robeez, because I figured the sidewalks would tear them up too fast.  We knew it was time to transition him to regular shoes, but I was nervous about it.  He runs, trips, falls so often that he always has scraped knees or a bruise on his forehead.  I was dreading the extra tripping that new shoes would cause.

We bought him some sandals and tennis shoes, but it seems hot to put the tennis shoes on him with socks.  The two times he wore the sandals, he got blisters on the back of his ankles.  So we just continued to put him in his tight Robeez.  I told Steve we needed to find him some Croc-like shoes, because they would be flexible (similar to his Robeez), cool like sandals, and not rub his ankles.

Steve finally found a like-new pair at the thrift store, and bought them for Toddler G.  G loves them!  He doesn't trip extra in them, and they don't rub the back of  his ankles.  He did get some blisters just below his inner ankle bones at first, but he refused to stop wearing them.

Now he wants them on as soon as he wakes up each morning (no more bare feet) and he refuses to have them taken off until AFTER he's asleep each night.  I try to take them off when we put on his pajamas, but he cries and puts them back on.  If they ever fall off, he fusses at you until you replace it.  Even if we're in Wal-mart, he'll start fussing and pointing at the spot where his shoe fell off.

I hope he transitions to tennis shoes this Fall, or we may have to find him some winter Crocs to get through the cold weather.  I'm just glad we found shoes he can wear, and that he loves!

April E.


  1. That's so cute! My 7-year-old daughter has always loved to wear pretty shoes or sandals--for just a few minutes. Then she wants to take them off and go barefooted. She has been that way since she was old enough to express a preference (which was pretty young)! It really doesn't matter much as long as we're at home, but the folks at church are beginning to wonder if they need to take up money so we can buy the child some Sunday shoes! (She HAS some, but she shucks them the minute she gets inside the church building.) Isn't it funny how kids are about their shoes?

    Wendy (from the Crew)

  2. We are a crocs family at our house. Even Brian, who says they are the ugliest shoes ever, has accepted a few pairs of crocs flip-flops and actually asked me to order him some new ones recently! He's a convert! I watch for sales on the Crocs website and with the combination of that and MyPoints I've gotten some great deals. LOVE crocs!


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