Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For three days ...

I've been trying to think of something to blog about for the last three days.  I've had ideas, but when I finally sat down here to write, I either couldn't remember them ... or they seemed really "blah".    It's not that I was really busy, either.  I've been relaxing a bit too much, as the laundry waiting to be folded will attest.

One of the things I've been meaning to write about is the baby birds on our porch.  We've managed to fight off the barn swallows and prevent them from building a nest on our porch for the past two years.  But we failed this year.  We just let our guard down for a couple days, and the nest was complete.    We left it alone, and soon there were eggs.  Now we have 2 baby swallows up there, and Mama Swallow flies in and out, giving them food.  The other morning the babies were so loud we could hear them halfway across the house, crying for their breakfasts.

I've been reading at about getting a breech baby to turn around.  Looks like I'll be spending some time tilted upside down.  I'm sure the kids are really going to find that funny.  It was reassuring to read that although most of my babies are head-down by now, we're still not at a point to be too concerned about her breech position.  She still has plenty of time to turn.

Tomorrow I'll be 6 months pregnant.  The final trimester.  Ahhh,  I love those milestones and counting down the days until a baby's arrival.    I still need to take a look at our cloth diaper situation, get things in the changing table switched around, and pull out our baby girl clothes.

Steve and our kids picked up 3 sweet newborn girl Fall/Winter outfits this weekend at a yard sale, while I was at a family  funeral with my sisters.  4 yo L was so excited, she just kept telling me about them, and wasn't happy until I went to look at them in the laundry.

Most of the things that usually worry me before a baby arrives are already taken care of.  We have our infant seat still.  We have a vehicle to fit us all.  We have the dresser space for baby's clothes.  We have potty trained the preschooler, leaving only one in diapers at the moment.  We weaned the 1 yo this month.  Now all we have to do is take care of the diapers, the clothes, and keep the house clean.

Of course, there are other things to worry about ... like the County Fair and 4-H projects next month, and moving Steve's Mom here to senior housing in our town from her home 3.5 hours away.  That last one is the most stressful of all.   She's canceled her move in the past, and she will need a lot of help.  Her early alzheimers makes reasoning through the steps of a move, and working steadily at packing basically impossible to her.   I really want her to stick to the current plan, though, because we will have a newborn soon that would make a later moving date very difficult.

I guess I've rested enough for now ... that laundry is sending out some major "guilt vibes".  I need to get it folded  so we can put it all away tomorrow.

Feeling guilty,
April E.

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  1. Sorry to read of your mil's illness. My grandmother is also at this stage. My uncle moved her near him. It's been an adjustment, to say the least. My prayers are with you.


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