Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Pictures

HI took some pictures in our garden Thursday night.  It was already starting to get dark, so these aren't the brightest pictures.

This is the row of beets and carrots on the left, and two rows of onions on the right.  The far left is the untilled area of the garden that isn't going to get planted this year after all.  Steve mowed the weeds the other day, but his mower protested the tall, damp weeds before he finished it all.

Steve is standing next to the row of spinach and lettuce.  Hardly any lettuce came up, and the spinach (front left) has shot up and started flowering, so I think it's going to be too bitter to use.  I planted the tomatoes and peppers after the lettuce in this row.   The two rows of peas are to the right side of the photo.  The farthest right row which is short and yellow is the one that is already dying, from heat.

These are the two rows of potatoes.  We planted the left row first, though too much shade has the near side of that row less developed.  The right row was planted later, and the near end is also looking wimpy.

We're not the best gardeners, as evidenced by the un-mounded potato plants, and the spinach that we let go.  But we try.  I don't think our new garden plot will be this large.   We like having room to till between rows, so there is less weeding to do.  We'll have to see what we can manage in the new location.

April E.


  1. Wow, your garden it huge! No wonder your body hurts after weeding. I hope you have a nice big harvest of what you planted.

  2. Oh, April - what's your secret to such nice rows without weeds? The other day, I was catching fireflies with my kids and my niece, and I told them to be careful not to get in the garden because I didn't want our plants trampled.

    My niece looked puzzled, and said, "Aunt Reesies, there's nothing but grass in your garden!" :-)

  3. oops - I meant that's your secret, not what's. Sorry!


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