Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interrupted sleep

My 4 year old seems to have occasional night terrors.  She will come to my room, screaming or crying, in the early morning hours.  She usually has a tale of a sibling hitting her (they're all asleep), or a bug in her bed.  Sometimes it makes no sense at all, other times it makes sense but isn't possible since everyone is asleep.

Last night, around 4 am,  she threw my door open forcefully and entered my room screaming.  I jumped up (suddenly wide awake) to usher her out before she woke up Steve or her 1 year old brother ... especially her 1 year old brother.

She tearfully told me there were eyes next to her pillow in her bed.  When we arrived back in her room, I did find our black male Persian cat lying in her bed, with his face near her pillow.  I guess in the dark and her sleepiness, she didn't recognize him as being her pet ... but went into a screaming fit instead.

I moved the cat out of her bed and tucked her back in.  Then I took my pregnant body to the bathroom before heading back to bed.  She immediately burst into the bathroom crying, because she also needed to use the potty.  So I stayed there until she was done, and escorted her to bed ... again.

Then she proceeded to tell me about things she wanted for Christmas.   I listened, hoping that a little talking would get her mind off the "eyes" that had sent her screaming to my room in the first place, but I also tried to shush her so she'd settle back to sleep.  I finally assured her I'd listen to her wish list in the morning, when the sun was up, and I was able to go back to bed.

She woke up this morning around 8 and informed me that she had a good night's sleep.  I'm not sure if she didn't remember the 4 am adventure, or if she just wanted me to know she was awake and ready for the day.  I told her I didn't have a good night's sleep because she woke me up.  It's a good thing I love her so much!  We need to work on her fears, though.

April E.

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