Monday, June 14, 2010

Not me Monday -- laundry style again

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I'm sure you've never had to go into your sons' room to pick up their dirty laundry because the smell of mildew was filling the room.  I'm sure you didn't fill a whole basket full of dirty clothes when you did it, either.  And I'm sure you didn't find a wet spot on your hardwood floor that is likely going to stain, and smells suspiciously like mildew.  Nope.  Me neither.

We (you and I)  also wouldn't toss a pile of wet clothes at the top of the basement stairs to be washed later, since we couldn't put them in the laundry hampers.  If I did that ... I would NOT have ignored it for a few days.  You wouldn't have either.

Then if you finally got around to gathering up the wet towels in the bathroom, and the wet pile at the top of the basement stairs to wash, and you tossed them in the washer ... you wouldn't have ignored the odd clunk you heard.  You would NOT have peeked inside, seen nothing, and proceeded to wash the load of clothes, with extra Oxi-Clean to get the smell out, of course.   No, we wouldn't do that ... because it might turn out to be something like a sticky mouse trap that had gotten mixed up with the dirty clothes.  And then you might find it stuck to a towel when you went to put it in the dryer.

You wouldn't do that, and neither would I, because then we'd have to rewash the entire load after we peeled off and threw away the bug-laden sticky trap.  And the stinky boys' clothes would still be sitting there waiting to be washed.

It's a good thing we're both so on top  of it, and would NOT do things like this.  Otherwise, things might get a little messy at our houses.   (But if this sounds at all familiar, you might want to check out some other Not Me Monday posts over at  They'll make you feel a little better.)

April E.  (the NOT laundry queen)


  1. Oh, I have washed so many toys, keys, coins, colored pictures and I don't know what else in our laundry! I have to admit that as icky as this sounds I'm glad I'm not the only one who has done this! ;)

  2. I once washed dad's wallet!! BAD MISTAKE! :lol: Yes, the joys of laundry are grand! haha

  3. Oh yes I can relate!!!!!
    And the items in boys pockets are just plain comical!

  4. April,
    Been there done some of that ;-). Don't know if you know this but a cup of vinegar added to a load of laundry goes a long way in killing the smells that boys emanate. It is cheaper than oxi clean and very effective on odors. ;-)
    Love you,

  5. Awww - I feel your pain. I just finished making a chart with stickers and prizes to 'encourage' my 4-year-old to NOT leave his Pull-Up wadded inside his PJ bottoms to be washed and shredded in the wash for the FIFTH time! :-) Sigh.

    At least it gives us funny material to blog about and stories to make fellow moms laugh :-)


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