Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Finding Peace and Quiet" Homeschool Blog Hop

I just discovered the Homeschool Blog Hop today when I was visiting Petra School blog.   The Homeschool Blog Hop is hosted by Kylie at  Our Worldwide Classroom each week.

This week, Kylie asks the question:  "How do you as a busy mum, find some time for you?  What's your sanctuary?   Your place?  Your thing?"

I think that is an excellent question.  I have 7 children, and I'm home with them all day long, every day.  Our house isn't huge.   We have about 1800 sq. ft. in our ranch style home:  3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room which is open and connected to the single large living room.   Most of the time, all the children and myself are in the living room together, where the two computers, the toys, our books, and the television reside.

I used to stay up late, and would relish the quiet after the children were in bed.  However,  Steve took a new job a few years ago that requires him to be up and out of bed shortly after 5 am.  I usually get up around 5:45 to help him get his breakfast and coffee and get out the door.   With the earlier rising time, we can't stay up as late as we used to.  In addition, we now have teens, and they pop in and out of their bedroom long after you thought they were asleep.  Often, they've thought of something they'd like to discuss.

Now I find my peaceful moments before the children wake up.  I relish the hour or two each day before they are out of bed.  But I also have learned to appreciate any quiet moment that presents itself in a day:  during an afternoon shower, when the children are outside playing, when they're happily playing in their room, when everyone is reading, as I drive to town to run a quick errand, or even just when I walk out to get the mail.

When I need some quiet, and it can't be found in the house, I can take a walk outside, sit on the porch to watch the chickens, or wander out to see how my garden is doing. It doesn't take long before someone comes looking for me, but I can absorb the sunshine and the beauty of God's creation for a few minutes, at least.

I also allow myself to slip away into a good book every now and then.  I can easily get lost in a book, and neglect my family, so I try to limit my fiction reading.  But when I really need a break, I don't feel guilty about taking the time to enjoy reading.

I do have a few hobbies, other than blogging and reading.   But, I don't make enough time for them, like my scrapbooking.

It doesn't take a lot of room, or a lot of time, to find a sanctuary for yourself.  Even if you don't have a quiet place to slip away to, you can treasure the few peaceful moments that arise in each day.  Just be aware of them, and be thankful for each and every one.

What do you do to find a moment of peace in your day?  What refreshes you?

I was going to participate in the Homeschool Blog Hop officially, but I can't put the MckLinky on my blog because it uses javasript and that has to be individually approved by HSB at the moment.  Please visit Our Worldwide Classroom to find other blogs participating in the Homeschool Blog Hop.


  1. I find my quiet moments in the evening after the children have gone to bed.

    I also have been known to lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes (don't worry, hubby works from home).


  2. Thanks so much for participating anyway. I love how you are able to find some quiet down all throughout the day. :)

  3. Some days I get quiet time in the morning, but more often than not it is still at night. The older boys are all 'housed' downstairs, so they are sent down before bed time for me to have time with hubby. Of course, with a babe in the house there are days when I get NO quiet time. (or is that alone time???)


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