Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So how was YOUR weekend?

We had a busy, crazy weekend here.  On Sunday, I thought the weekend was going to make for good blogging ... then Monday came and that just topped it off!

Steve was off Friday through Monday, so we were looking forward to a good long 4 day weekend with him.  Friday we did some yard work, and made plans to build our Chicken Tractor this weekend.

Saturday we hit a few yard sales, bought Steve a working gas grill for less than it would cost to repair his, and bought the supplies we needed to build our chicken tractor.

We spent some time laughing over 4 yo L and her "sayings" this weekend.  On Saturday, she was showering with an older sister to get ready for church.  She said to her sister,  "You know what would be cool?  If we added more cold water to this shower."   Her sister responded, "Yes, that would be cool ... or we could just turn the water off and get out."  Then L said, "Well, yeah ... if you want to do it the easy way."  (Apparently that interchange happens frequently on a show she likes called The Freshbeat Band.)

Then on Sunday morning, she asked to wear the flower girl dress she wore in her Aunt's wedding last summer.  It's not too fancy to wear to church, and I'm surprised she hasn't asked sooner this year.  But what really surprised me was how she acted when we arrived.  We arrived just as the first service was releasing.  As we walked up toward the church door, 4 yo L slowed down.  I turned around to speed her up, just in time to see her stop and twirl around in front of everyone ... obviously fishing for compliments.  I just burst out laughing, because it was totally unexpected.  Then when we got into the foyer, she sauntered over to another woman we know and held her skirt out, still fishing for compliments.  You should have seen the look on her face as she did it, too.  Her face just seemed to say, "Don't I look pretty?"  That girl just cracks me up!

Sunday afternoon, 13 yo R walked into the kitchen and 4 yo L was messing with the fan.  She'd loosened the bolt that held the fan head up, so it was tilting down and trying to fall off the table.  She looked at R and said, "Couldn't you have waited to come in until after I left, so you wouldn't have seen my big mess?"  R said,  "Well, if you had left, who would have made the mess?" (meaning it would still be L's big mess)   L said, "I don't know."

Our weekend didn't end with L's silly sayings, though.  We came home from church on Sunday and ate lunch.  Right toward the end of our eating, my 9 yo son came up to me, crying to tell me he'd poked his eye with his fork.  I had him sit down and put a cold cloth on it for awhile, to see if it felt better.  He cried for awhile, and then fell asleep.  When he woke up, it was less red and he said it felt better, but he was soon crying again.

Steve and I had planned to go on a date to eat at a restaurant in another town.  We had a gift certificate for a meal there.  So we were trying to decide what to do about J's eye ... take him to the ER in town and go on our date later (or not at all?)  We finally decided to take him to the Urgent Care Center in the same town as the restaurant.  So we headed off to Urgent Care (and our date) with our 9 yo son in tow.

He did have a corneal abrasion, a nice deep triangular gouge in the center of his eye.  It didn't puncture the cornea, thankfully, and the Dr. had us patch it for the remainder of that day but thought it would feel almost completely better by Monday morning.  He put some ointment in it before patching it, but we soon realized that the only way 9 yo J could keep the injured eye shut (even with the patch on) was to shut both eyes.  Trying to hold one shut and one open hurt his eye more.  So he ate supper at our date blind ... which became funny when Steve started moving his plate around between bites.  Good thing he ate chicken fingers and fries, so he could feel his way around his plate w/o being too messy.

Thankfully, his eye did feel better on Monday after we removed the patch.  But I didn't.  I woke up with a stomach virus early Monday morning, and spent the entire day on the couch resting, between runs to the bathroom.  Steve had the kids working with him on yard work, housework, and finishing our chicken tractor while I slept.    In the end, they didn't finish the chicken tractor.  The frame is complete, but we need to finish it off with the chicken wire now.

Steve and 9 yo J moved some of our chickens out of the dark barn back to their old chicken pen from last year.  The rest of them will move into the chicken tractor  when it's finished.  We're hoping that splitting them up into two areas will reduce their pecking.  Most of the hens have bare backs from feather-plucking by other hens.

So that was our Memorial Day weekend ... chicken tractors, precocious 4 year olds, forks in the eye, chaperoned dates, and stomach viruses.   I'm hoping for a less eventful week, to be honest.

April E.


  1. Those will be great memories!

  2. ISn't it great to blog about these moments? Everyone always says, "write it down" but I found I didn't really always have time or remember it well. Somehow, the idea of blogging about it makes it stick in my mind better of helps me write it down to blog about it. I hope J feels better, and you, too.


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