Saturday, July 31, 2010

If you could see my clothesline today

you'd have no doubt that we're expecting a baby girl.  <3

I rushed out at the last minute today to shop a 6 family yard sale that advertised maternity clothes.  In reality, I don't need many more maternity clothes (with only 2 months left) ... but I figured there'd also be baby items if there were maternity items.  I was right.

There were so many pink little outfits, most marked at 50 cents each.   I think my two favorite items, though, are the two 6-9 months spring/summer Classic Pooh outfits I bought.  One is a pink floral dress/bloomer set with Classic Pooh embroidered on one side of the front bottom edge of the dress.   The other one is a knit pink floral romper with Classic Pooh embroidered at about the same spot.   One for church, and one for everyday wear.

A few weeks ago, I found a clearance diaper bag at Wal-Mart that was also Classic Pooh.  It's pink and green floral print first caught my eye, and then I saw it was Pooh, for only $4 and I was sold.  :D  I haven't carried a pink diaper bag since my oldest two girls.  We had a hot pink diaper bag for them, but I've carried navy or dark green bags ever since  (in deference to Steve and in order to be unisex and reusable with multiple babies).

We have always sought to dress our little girls femininely, so no one would have to guess at their gender.  They rarely wore jeans and t-shirts (because jeans on a sub-2 year old just seems uncomfortable to me), but if they did it would be a floral t-shirt.  Despite that, my first 3 girls didn't wear very much pink.  I wasn't into lots of frills or pink.  Then after 3 girls in a row, we had two boys.

My 4 year old daughter wore more pink than her older sisters ever did, coming right after those two boys.  Then we had another boy, and are expecting a girl again.   This little girl due in 9 weeks has even more pink in her drawer than 4 yo L did.   Today, when I got home, everyone looked at my stack of baby clothes and said "That's a lot of pink!"

Yes it is ... and I like it!

Waiting somewhat patiently,
April E.


  1. Yay!!
    Happy pink blessings :)
    Love the pooh bear bub stuff- you are making me feel clucky- thud ....... That was the sound of DH fainting to the floor. :)

  2. Stopping by from the Crew! Congratulations on the the baby girl! How exciting! I have 4 boys and 2 girls and I would LOVE to be able to buy more pink! lol

    I have a meme called Garage Sale Treasures. If you want to link up here's the addy:

    I try to do it every Friday!

    love and blessings!

  3. Oh, how adorable! You remind me of the time I had my clothesline full of all the new baby clothes.

    I hope the next 9 weeks go by smoothly for you. :)

    Catherine (aka alecat, TOS Crew)


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