Friday, July 9, 2010

Life in a small town

Yesterday I had to laugh at myself.  I was driving in our downtown area, heading to the library.  I had to stop at a 2-way stop.  Then I had to wait while 1, 2, 3 cars went by.  I was about to pull out when I spotted the third car.  That's when I said it!

In a very frustrated voice, I said, "TRAFFIC!"

I immediately started to laugh at myself, because I realized this traffic I was complaining about was 3 cars, somewhat spaced out.  They were just close enough I didn't want to pull in front of them, but they weren't bumper to bumper or anything.  Nothing like when we visit the Kansas City area and you feel like it's a battle to just change lanes.

I like life in a small town.

It still surprises me at times when someone knows my name when I walk into an office.  I don't consider myself that memorable, and although my husband's family has deep roots in this town, it is a small family and most haven't lived here in years (only his Grandma).   I suppose it could be the boatload of kids I usually travel with that makes me memorable, but there are some offices I've never taken them into and am still remembered there.  I can get used to it, though.

I definitely like living in a small town.   Though I am thankful that our small town has its own Wal-mart, and a small privately owned grocery store.  We aren't too small ... just small enough.

April E.


  1. Hi! I am following you from the TOS Crew. Please follow me back at I look forward to working with you this year! :)

  2. I live in the Kansas City area, it's so odd to see someone use it as an example. Not sure I'm cut out for small town life, although with a Wal-mart, anything is possible.

  3. Well, I have only lived here for 3 years (almost) ... and we slowly worked our way down from living in the KC Metro area, to a smaller town outside the metro area, and finally to here in central KS. When we first married, I didn't think I could live here. LOL!!

  4. We live in a small town and sometimes I really long to be closer to (but not actually in) a city. There are not many opportunities here for my kids. But, oh well - here we seem to be planted, so I guess we'll stay for awhile.

  5. We lived in a really small town, about 1000 people, when we first moved to Idaho 7 years ago. Everyone knew everybody. It was a little freaky for this city girl that was use to going places without knowing anyone. We loved where we lived, but unfortunately we couldn't sustain ourselves out there. No work for my husband, no church for us to feel like home in, and no Walmart. The nearest one was 50 miles away. We lasted for 4 years, and wished we could have stayed longer.
    But we are now in a 'bigger' town, though still very small compared to the Chicagoland area (where we came from). But I find myself saying the same thing here, traffic, when there really isn't any. :)


  6. Ahh ... we are larger than 1000 people, thankfully. LOL!! But Steve does commute over an hour to and from work each day.

  7. Wish that had been a possibility for us. So many reasons why it wouldn't work. But I am blessed with where we are now. Still not too big. :)

  8. I live in a larger metro area and it is very rare to go anywhere I do not meet someone I know from church. Perhaps my circles are small despite the city in which I live. I love going ot our library and running into 2 or 3 families from church!
    I do not enjoy the traffic or the rules that say you can't have chickens unless you have 3 acres.


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