Thursday, July 8, 2010

That makes a huge difference -- pantry storage!

Steve has been building me some pantry shelves in the basement.  When we first moved here, he started building large storage shelves to get boxes up off the floor, but he only completed one of the 3 he had planned. The wood has been waiting in the basement for the others to be finished.

Somewhere along the way, we started storing food in the basement.  Our little "pantry room" off the kitchen has a small deep freeze, a book shelf, a small wire shelf, and a taller metal cabinet.  But we still had cans stacked on the floor around the deep freeze.   We eventually started storing food in 2 plastic tote boxes in the basement.

When the tote boxes were full, we had to start stacking cans and bags of food on the floor next to the tote box.   This was all near the bottom of the basement stairs which cluttered the area, and also made it very difficult to find what food items we had down there.   I recently complained to my husband that I needed some shelves for the basement food-storage.   And he quickly complied.

This weekend he built the second large storage shelf, and then turned the middle section of the 3 shelves into a pantry with smaller shelves added.  Then he took half of the first shelf, and added small shelves to its middle section.

One of our 3  four-foot-long pantry sections.

Another pantry section, before he had finished the last one.

Now I have a 12-foot-long, 3-shelf pantry in the basement with additional storage for boxes above and below it.  Now we can actually see what canned goods we have without moving boxes around, and we can know what cereals or boxed foods are in all those bags!  (Just pretend you didn't see the hamburger helper on my shelf ... unfortunately it's one thing most of my family will eat, though I try to limit how often I prepare it.)

Steve does a great job of shopping sales and using coupons.  He has always kept our pantry well-stocked and saves us money.  It's wonderful to finally have a way to organize all the stored food.

Now to just get the rest of the basement organized.  ;)

April E.


  1. Wow April! Your pantry shelves look beautiful. I love all those rows of neatly lined up food. I'm definitely inspired to try to make a central location for all our stored food.

  2. I love your new pantry! It sure is nice when things are well-organised!

  3. Oh, Kristen ... this is nothing. I have friends with whole rooms of shelves (ala Duggar-style) and their pantries are much more organized and well-stocked than mine. And I still have a messy "pantry nook" upstairs that needs to be better organized. It's nothing like this. LOL!!

  4. This is great! Hamburger Helper is one of those convenience foods in our cabinet that I want to learn how to make my own mix for. I don't especially enjoy it, but everyone else in my family does. Last time I found it on sale, the lady behind me in the check-out line handed me coupons for it.

  5. We love our pantry selves in the basement. Ours are a little bare right now with just some things that no one uses much, some spices, and some baking things. I love to see them full of good food. It is great feeling of security to see it all stacked and waiting for us to cook things up.

  6. Oops pushed submit before I said...

    Great Post
    Great looking shelves
    "Great job!" to your hubby

  7. They look wonderful!! I understand what you mean about hamburger helper, my little ones love cheeseburger mac.... so sometimes if i am in a hurry and dont make it from scratch they get helper!! LOL

  8. That is the flavor my kids love. My 14 yo has started to reject it, but everyone else gobbles it up. Steve loves it. I "tolerate" it. LOL!!

  9. That looks like a grocery store! Amazing! :)

  10. Love it April! We have lots of food storage in our basement on shelves too. My DH has been able to aquire free shelves through his work as they replace things at the stores he delivers too. It is really like a mini-grocery store down there and I love it!

  11. How wonderful! He must enjoy shopping.

  12. Wow, April, what amazing shelves! And what an amazing pantry.

    It does make such a difference to buy things in large quantities when they are on sale doesn't it?

    I'm sure your whole family will enjoy this gift from your hubby.

    Annie Kate

  13. Lol about the Hamburger Helper. I totally understand, I have two of the pickiest eaters on the planet. Whatever they will eat I'm happy to prepare. :-) Love the shelves. How nice to have all that needed space.


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