Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 weeks, 3 books ... sigh

Third week of school, third book lost ... this is not a prestigious start to our year.

Sometime in the middle of our first week, we lost Who Built the Pyramids?, one of our Tapestry of Grace books which we were supposed to read portions of for 3 weeks.  I didn't discover it was missing until the start of our 2nd week when I was gathering books again.  It was last seen on the love seat.   It still hasn't turned up, even though we deep-cleaned the living room (under the furniture, too) trying to find it.

Toward the end of our second week, the kids lost both Mummies in the Morning (another Tapestry Of  Grace book we hadn't finished reading) and 9 yo J's Christian Liberty Nature Reader (which is his science book).   I didn't discover they were missing until the beginning of our 3rd week.  Both were last seen together on the dining room table edge.  Both are still missing, even though I have deep-cleaned the boys' bedroom, including exploring the deep, dark abyss under their beds.  I found lots of reading books, 64 spilled crayons, toys, game pieces, and lots of trash under the beds ... but not the books.

I'm really not happy about this.  Sure, I can move 9 yo J up into the next Nature Reader, and replace the missing one before 6 yo M needs it.  Sure, I can just replace these 2 Egypt books via Paperbackswap before we return to year one of Tapestry of Grace in 2014.

At least they weren't library books.  At least it wasn't the math text.  But will it be the math textbook next time?

I was allowing the children to do school in various places, but I think I'm going to have to be "mean" and make them return to the dining room table only.  The main culprit appears to be the boys, who are prone to wandering off from schoolwork anyway.  I've got to put a stop to the lost books, and more structure seems to be the only method I can come up with.

I do NOT like lost items.  It drives me crazy to know something is misplaced.  Steve says I become obsessed with locating the item, where he's usually more relaxed about it.  But when the items are SCHOOL BOOKS and I'm in the final weeks of a pregnancy ... it's even more frustrating.

They have designated places to put their school books, and our Tapestry of Grace books.  Really!

The top milk crate is supposed to hold our Tapestry of Grace books when not in use.  I gather together 2-3 weeks worth of books, as well as the core books we'll use throughout the year in this crate.  (Though the older two have their history spines in their personal milk crates at the moment.)

These milk crates sit on top of a built-in buffet that separates the living room and dining room spaces, which are really one large room.  This is where they are supposed to put their textbooks and notebooks when they're not being used.  Not the love seat, dining room table, living room floor, or wherever else they've been leaving their books.

See, we really do have a plan.  The school books do have proper homes.  They just aren't making it back to their homes.

I've calmed down now.  But the two different days we discovered the books were missing ... I was not calm then.  Someday these books are going to show up in the most  absurd place.  We might even laugh about it then.  In the meantime, we just move on, I guess.  Bye,  Ancient Egypt!  It's time to study the Sumerians and Ancient Mesopotamia next.

But if one more reading book disappears, I'm going to seriously consider that these are intentional acts of sabotage from a boy who'd rather be outside climbing trees and building things than reading.

Still looking for lost books,
April E.


  1. In my house we have a culprit named "Not Me".

    When things go missing and I ask who had the item last, "Not Me" is always to blame.

    When things get broken, "Not Me" is the one I should find.

    Who got into the pie I made for tonight's dessert? "Not Me".

    If I ever see this "Not Me" character .... :)

    Maybe you have visitor named "Not Me", too.

    Sorry, not much help here, but I commiserate with you! :lol:

  2. Yes, we have frequent visits from "Not me" and "I don't know", too.

    Also if you believe what my 4 yo daughter says ... my almost 2 yo son is a horrible creature who does all sorts of terribly naughty things. He even pours water in her pull-up so it looks like she had an accident ... which she of course did NOT do.

  3. Oh, April. I get it. I so very get it.

    I think most of the time in my house, it is unintentional. But there are moments I also think purposeful sabotage is involved.

    I think we are mostly set right now. Two missing science books were found (Apologia Biology, Apologia Physical Science). Missing Latin book was found. Missing Scout book was found. Only major MIA item at the moment is my youngest son's Scout shirt...

  4. Prayers that you find your books. I lost a book last year and found it this past summer. It was very frustrating. I don't even remember where I found it. If I remember though, it turned out to be my fault!!

  5. Ahh, yes. Books are treasures and losing them is NOT okay when mommy is pregnant and hormonal...LOL. Maybe mean mom will only have to appear for a few weeks and the kids will get in the habit of putting them away, then you can let them wander further again? Though if it is intentional sabotage there is not much hope. Maybe assigning a paper for those culprits on the topic they would have read about in the missing books? Hehe! Yes, I'm good at mean mom too.

  6. ahhh-I completely understand. This frustrates me, too. How exciting that you will be having the baby soon!! Praying for you. Sorry I haven't visited in awhile. I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging again. Holly

  7. That drives me insane too! I can't stand to lose anything and my husband is even worse than I am about not giving up the search. I also hate to discover messy kids rooms (which is a daily occurrence, sigh.)

  8. Hi, I'm a fellow TOS Crew member and I stopped by just to say Hello. Then, I became engrossed in reading your posts. I can totally relate to the lost schoolbooks syndrome. I hope you find them SOON!

    This very evening, Dad, Mom, and I (my parents are visiting) were downstairs cleaning in my 11-year old son's old bedroom . My parents sleep in their RV, but (just in case) we wanted to fix up the bedroom. And, really, if I didn't have umpty billion other things to do, I'd have cleaned it up already because I will be turning it into a craft room. Anywyay, I think it has been 5 years since we moved the mattresses, which were directly on the floor. You wouldn't believe the mess we found along the edges. Well, I suppose you probably would. LOL!

    Cara (aka Temberton)

  9. Monday my son did find the last two books lost ... his science book and the Mummies in the Morning book. But the first book is still missing.

    Having mattresses on the floor does save some of the mess that occurs when the beds are up off the floor, but I can imagine it's still quite bad. LOL!!


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