Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I guess it's a good problem to have ...

I gathered all my books on Ancient Egypt, mummies, and pyramids to start organizing for our first 3 weeks of school (using Tapestry of Grace, year 1).  I already shooed away 11 yo C from reading one of the books in my stack, and now 9 yo J is sitting there reading one of the books.   If they read it NOW, they won't want to read it in a week or two when I assign it.

But then again, I'm just thrilled anytime I see them reading something educational and not "fluff".   Actually, I'm thrilled anytime I see my 9 yo son reading something voluntarily, since he'd rather be DOING than READING any day.

Though I do think I need to find a less visible place to store the books ... for now.

Looking forward to a new school year,
April E.

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  1. I have that problem with my kiddos too. I have to wonder sometimes why I am upset that they are reading! lol

    btw, I am visiting from The Crew!


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